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Add these 5 YA books to your fall TBR list

Summer has been full of beach-side romances, fantastical heroines, jaw-dropping mysteries and all the time in the world to leave us wanting more. Who needs crazy adventures IRL when you have pages of fun at your fingertips? OK, maybe it's not exactly the same thing, but, trust us, a good book will bring you *all* the escapism feels. Let the literary journeys continue this fall with these anticipated releases. 


Even If We Break - Marieke Nijkamp


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Release date: September 15, 2020

Spooky seasons is coming a little early this year. @sourcebooksfire say this book is a "shocking new thriller about a group of friends tied together by a game and the deadly weekend that tears them apart." Are we the only ones getting major Truth or Dare (2018) vibes from this?

Forget This Ever Happened - Cassandra Rose Clark 


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Release date: October 6, 2020

This book take place in the 90's, has a super cute LGBTQ+ love and an amazing cover to top it all off. In Indianola, Texas, our protagonist Claire quickly realizes that this is no ordinary town. Like an alternate reality with talking lizards and tangled histories type of "not normal."

K-Pop Confidential - Stephan Lee 


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Release date: September 15, 2020

Attention to all BTS fans! This one is for you. Live vicariously through Candace Park as she deviates from her straight and narrow academic path to travel to Seoul, South Korea after crushing an audition for a K-pop singing competition at the mall. 

Sources Say - Lori Goldstein 


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Release date: September 8, 2020

If you ever swooned over anything Morgan Matson's wrote, we definitely just found you another match. Follow the political battle between exes both gunning for the head spot in student council. Rumors enter the school newspapers, relationships are tried and popularity takes on a whole new meaning. Sounds like tons of drama. Sign us up!

Never Look Back - Lilliam Rivera


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Release date: September 1, 2020

In this retelling of a Greek myth, Eury is visiting her family in the Bronx after the trauma of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Ato, the spirit of death, seems to have followed her too. She knows that she can't out run Ato forever, that he will catch up to her eventually. But in the mean time, she plans on living her best life with the bachata-singing cutie, Pheus. If you wanted to hold on to those rollercoaster beach-side romances a little bit long, we highly recommend this one. 


by Cassandra R Lopez | 8/31/2020