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The Hate you Give author just dropped another book—and it's already being made into a film

The Hate U Give author is giving us yet another reason to fangirl.

Last year, we fell in love with the deeply raw and emotional The Hate U Give, a film about what happens when death and the Black Lives Matter movement touch one particular teenager. We owe the amazingness of that story to New York Times best-selling author Angie Thomas—it was her debut novel that the script was adapted from. 

Soon enough, we'll be bowing to queen Angie once again. Yesterday, the novelist released her second work, On the Come Up. And guess what? It's already been announced that it's going to be made into a movie by the same team behind THUG


Literally us:

On the Come Up (out now from Harper Collins) introduces us to a new protaginist, Bri, in the same world Angie created in THUG. The teen aspires to be a rapper just like her dad, who was an underground hip-hop legend right before he died. Her dad had potential to be a star, so Bri knows she has big shoes to fill. However, her dreams are hindered by her reputation. She's labeled as a hoodlum at school and, since her mom lost her job, she's now the poor kid. Bri uses her anger and disappointment to help her write her first song, which goes viral—but not for the reasons she expected...

We can't wait to see Bri tear up the silver screen. The only question now is, who's going to play her?

Are you excited to read On the Come Up and see the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


by Taisha Khalil | 2/6/2019