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The high-society, drama-filled Little White Lies is your new fave fall read

It’s debutante season...

Sawyer Taft is far from fancy. In fact, the 18-year-old small-town mechanic is the exact opposite. But when Sawyer's high-society grandmother offers her a crazy amount of cash if she promises to participate in debutante season, Sawyer finds it in herself to strap on a pair of heels. Between fitting into frilly dresses and forging true friendships, she uncovers a slew of family secrets.

Intrigued? Same. Here's what GL girls think of Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes...

Emily L. says...
Why you'll love it: 
It’s Princess Diaries meets Pretty Little Liars. It doesn’t get more captivating than that!
In three words: Addictive, brilliant, thrilling
Style assessment: The author wrote a page-turner of a novel that always left me wanting more. I can’t wait to see what other secrets are exposed if there’s a second book!

Jamie D. says...
Why you'll love it: 
This book has everything: an intriguing plot, lots of drama and cute boys. What more could you want?
In three words: Hilarious, mysterious, compelling
Girl power: It’s not every day that you find a female protagonist as courageous as Sawyer. I love how determined she was to get to the bottom of the secrecy surrounding her family and discover who her dad is. She’s a great role model.

Molly B. says...
In one sentence: 
This book was like binge-watching my favorite show on Netflix: I couldn’t put it down.
Style assessment: The juxtaposition between Sawyer’s old life as a mechanic and her new one as a deb—and how the author played with that contrast—really intrigued me.
Favorite quote: “I’d always believed in absolute honesty: Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t ask a question if you don’t want to know the answer.”

Stephanie F. says...
Shock and awe: 
Every few chapters, another shocking part of the story unfolded. I literally gasped out loud so many times.
For readers who... love modern-day mysteries, strong female leads and unexpected twists and turns.
Lessons learned: During her year as a debutante, Sawyer discovers the value of family and friends—and becomes a much better person because of it.

Want to add a little drama to your bookshelf? Little White Lies by best-selling author Jennifer Lynn Barnes is available today in bookstores everywhere and online HERE.


by GL | 11/6/2018