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Confessions of a book lover: my secret shame

I have a secret. When I was 14, I read a book. It was a good read; the book was enjoyable and I rooted for the characters. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It was a well-written and important book, but it just didn’t have that great of an impact on me.

Fast forward three years.

The movie version of the book comes out. I go to see it in theaters because I always see the movie versions of books that I’ve read. And, to my surprise, I love it. Somehow, the movie manages to strike all of the chords in me that the book wasn’t able to. I laugh, I cry, I swoon, and I ultimately see it in theaters three more times.

Then I decided to re-read the book because I had forgotten my initial feelings about it. It was about halfway through that I realized something: I like the movie more.

I couldn’t believe it. I am a book nerd! Reading is my passion! I have a button that says, in bold letters, “THE BOOK WAS BETTER!” How could I betray my fellow bibliophiles in such a harsh way?

I tried to hide it. Whenever someone brought up the movie, I asked them if they’d read the book. If they said no, I replied with “You have to read it! It’s even better than the movie!” I felt an obligation to say this, as if it was necessary to assert my status as a Book Lover.

But, the time has come for me to come clean. I cannot hide any longer.

So, here it is, my secret shame:

I liked Love, Simon more than Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.

Have you ever liked a movie more than it’s book? Let us know in the comments.


by Deanna Schwartz | 8/9/2018