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How to choose a book you'll totally love

At the start of summer, you were breezing through your stack of "must read" books. And now? Well, you've slowed a bit. Whether you hit a dud, you're ovewhelmed by the selection at the library or it seems like you've devoured everything new and amazing, it's possible to fall into a rut where you just can't figure out what to crack next. Here's how to scour the perfect book, no matter what mood you're in.

1. Make a list of your favorite genres. Specifically think about which genres always keep your attention. Got a couple in mind? Great!

2. Pick a couple authors within those genres that you loved. Have you missed any of their titles?

3. Do a little research. Type in the author's name on, and see the list of "What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?" Write those names down, and take the list to your local library, to see if they have them. Already at the library? Mention your faves to the librarian and see what she recommends. 

4. Think about the type of book you want to read. Romance, for example, is a big genre, so thinking if you want something lighthearted or serious can help. Do want a longer book, or something you're going to blow through in a night? Do you want to read a book that reminds you of a favorite, or something that is totally new? 

5. Ask yourself, is this the book I really feel like reading right now? Read the first few pages, and see if it pulls you in. Yes, some books take time to get going, but if you're not hooked by the voice/tone/action, this might not be the book for you right now. (Make a note on your phone or your Good Reads to check it out later, though.)

6. Still not sure? Check out some online reviews, and see what they have to say.

7. Imagine yourself reading this book in your favorite café. Is this the book you want to spending the next week or two with? If not, start back at the top!

What books are you loving right now? How do you pick what you'll read next?


by Rachel Shvalb | 7/18/2018