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Follow Emilie's journey in The Thing With Feathers

Imagine you've been homeschooled for years and, now, all of a sudden, you have to go to a public school. Now imagine that you also have a serious health condition that you don’t want people at your new school to know about…

This is Emilie Day’s new reality when her mom enrolls her in public school for the first time in The Thing With Feathers by McCall Hoyle. She is used to playing it safe and studying at home in the comfort of her PJs—but it's not even the who *going* to public school thing that's an issue for her, it's actually something much more serious that'd making her nervous.

Emilie has epilepsy, which causes her to have random seizures. Being the new kid means she doesn't exactly have anyone to lean on, so she hasn’t told her classmates yet—especially not her cute new crush and research partner, Chatham York. Which is why she's super nervous about her recently adjusted medications. Her epilepsy looming over her, and she fears she will have a seizure at school in front of everyone. And if her fear becomes reality, can rise above it or will she sink and hide

Through TTWF, Emilie proves that stepping out of your comfor zone, being brave *and* being vulnerable are very underrated. 

If you want to know how Emilie handles things pick up The Thing With Feathers at your local bookstore or find it online.


by Lauren McMillan | 10/21/2017