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7 bone-chilling reads perfect for Halloween

There's nothing like the pure joy of being in the midst of reading a "so-good-you-can't-put-it-down" book. Thrillers are typically suspenseful by nature and make the perfect go-to genre when you want to get sucked into a good read. With Halloween just around the corner, here are a few of our favorite reads that will have you on the edge of your seat. Don't say we didn't warn you not to read these rad reads before bed!

  • hauntingthedeep.jpeg

    The sequel to Adriana Mather's How to Hang a Witch, which was described as "The Salem Witch Trials Mean Girls" finds Sam face to face with another spooky historical tragedy, this time, the sinking of the Titanic. Sam's real life and her supernatural ties to the dead collide when her school decides to throw a Titanic-themed dance. Meanwhile, Sam must make sense of mysterious dreams of the ship and the haunting appearance of the ghost of one of its passengers. If you're a fan of historical ficiton and the supernatural, then Haunting The Deep is the perfect read for you.

  • 13_minutes.jpeg

    What would you do if you had a brush with death, yet no memory of what happened? In Sarah Pinborough's 13 Minutes, Natasha has no clue how she, the most popular girl in her class, wound up drowning in freezing cold water. After having been without a pulse for thirteen minutes before she was pulled out of the water and revived, Natasha is lucky to be alive. Determined to find out why those closest to her are suddenly acting shady and to get to the bottom of her own attempted murder, she seeks the help of her ex-best friend, Becca. If you're a fan of series like Sara Shephard's Pretty Little Liars, you're bound to get caught up in this fascinating "whodunnit."

  • the_breathless.jpg

    The loss of a family member is always tragic, yet it can feel especially hard to grasp when what truly happened to them remains a mystery. That's just the case for Mae Cole in Tara Goedjen's novel The Breathless, whom can't understand what happened to her sister Roxanne. Mae thinks that Roxanne's boyfriend, Cage, might hold the answers, yet she is only more perplexed when he shows up one year later expecting Roxanne to be alive. Could he really have no memory of what happened? What secrets was Roxanne hiding? This novel's twists and turns are sure to keep you guessing and give you goosebumps.

  • devilsandthieves.jpeg

    Jemmie Carmichale is used to living in a community where the existence of magic is taken for granted. Those that are able to perform witchcraft are commonly known as the "kindled." Despite her embarassment at being rejected by Crowe, the leader of the local kindled bike gang, Jemmie knows she has has the potential to practice magic if she could just focus her energy. This is put to the test when rumors that someone is practicing outlawed magic begin to spread across town, and people begin to disappear. Will Jemmie and Crowe be able to overcome the tension between them and work together to save their beloved community? Will Jemmi be able to harness her magical abilities? You'll just have to read Devils & Thieves by Jennifer Rush to find out.

  • peculiarincident.jpg

    Have you ever wondered if your house was haunted? Well, with its flickering lights, animated dolls and more, Tessa Woodward's new home in Chicago most definitely is. But what are these ghastly spirits trying to tell her? And why did they choose her to communicate with in the first place? Tess and her newfound friends must team up to get to the bottom of what is really going on at the house on Shady Street. If you love a wholesome tale of friendship with the intrigue of a good mystery, then The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street will provide the perfect balance of fun and spooky for you.

  • brokencircle.jpg

    Despite his desire to be "normal," Adam is struggling to deal with far more than just your everyday teenage problems. His mother, who died when he was four, isn't there to support him, and his dad is busy doing, well...Adam isn't quite sure. Is his father an assasin, the Buddha or something else even more mysterious? Why is Adam being hunted down in his dreams, and what does it mean when a strange man brings up Adam's "True Destiny?" If you're a fan of authors that construct worlds using pre-existing legends and notions of the afterlife, then you'll enjoy the Powers' Broken Circle.

  • the_hanging_girljpg.jpg

    In Eileen Cook's The Hanging Girl, Skye Thorn is an expert at giving tarot card readings, but she never expected to be called upon to use her skills to solve a kidnapping. Yet, when one of the town's most popular girls goes missing, the police decide to consult her. Figuring out what happened to Paige is supposed to be just another easy task, a means for Skye to get the money she needs to start over. Of course, things are never as simple as they seem, and what at first appears just to be a dumb prank has a dark underbelly. Who has Paige and what do they want from her? Skype hopes she can track them down before it's too late.


by Katherine Logan | 10/12/2017