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Get *real* with Natasha Bure in her motivational must-read, Let's Be Real

Social media can be overwhelming at times, especially with Instagram models flaunting perfect skin, hair and bodies and having the time of their lives in what seems like every post. Former The Voice contestant and YouTube celeb Natasha Bure noticed the unrealistic standards that these posts set for girls and decided to do something about it with her new book, Let’s Be Real: Living Life as an Open and Honest You.

Natasha, the daughter of Full House star Candace Cameron Bure, says the book is about finding the courage to be your most authentic self in a world that puts a lot of pressure on girls to be perfect. Natasha knows firsthand what it’s like to work hard to achieve your dreams, find and keep real friends and even to struggle with your faith in God. All of the advice she gives is based on her own experiences, making this an honest and relatable read. 

Let’s Be Real is out today, March 28th! To celebrate the book’s birthday, we got real with the author herself about her inspiring read.

Girls' Life: We're super excited to talk about Let's Be Real. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Natasha Bure: Yeah! Let’s Be Real is, well, what the title says. It’s about being honest and open and trying not to feel the pressure to be this flawless human being that we often see on social media. Seeing people say things like, 'You have the perfect life' or 'You’re flawless' in my Instagram comments is weird because it's so far from the truth. I never want someone to see me as this perfect person. I want people to see me as a normal person who deals with tough times and struggles. So I wanted to write a book to share personal stories about everything from beauty to health and fitness to boys and body confidence.

GL: So [Duck Dynasty star] Sadie Robertson wrote the foreward for your book, which is so cool! What made her the perfect fit for that? We've heard that you guys are good friends.

NB: She is someone I’ve looked up to for so long, and she is just an amazing human being. Everything she stands for and everything she’s done...she just sets a great example for girls. I wanted to have someone write the foreward who matched up with my voice and my views and who believes the same things I do. I asked her if she’d be willing to write it, and she said yes!

GL: Did you find writing an entire book daunting, or was it a fun challenge to dive into? 

NB: There was a three-day period, where—I’m not even kidding you—my mom and I sat on the couch working and editing and did not move. We would wake up at 5:30 in the morning and we wouldn’t go to bed until, like, 2 a.m. So we would be up for almost 24 hours. My brothers and my dad would be gone the whole day and come back and we’d be in the same position. It was *so* crazy, but it was a unique experience. And to be able to have my mom, who has written three books, help me—I was just truly blessed to have that.

GL: In the book you say, “We’re all born with flaws that make us who we are.” What flaws of your own have you had to overcome? 

NB: I am very stubborn—my mom tells me every single day. A lot of time I will just try to argue with people. That’s definitely a flaw I’ve had to deal with, but I like knowing that about myself. It's something I can work on.

GL: How do you go about working on that?

NB: I think just being aware of it and accepting that I’m a stubborn person. I think it’s difficult to improve on anything if you don’t accept what it is you’re trying to work toward. If I was trying to tell myself, “Oh, I’m not a stubborn person, I’m fine,” then there’s no way to overcome it. If I get caught in a certain position where I have a certain attitude or react in a certain way when things don't go my way, that’s a place that I can grow. It’s all about being put in a situation that allows you to grow and learn so that you can become a more real you.

GL: Let's talk about the fashion and beauty advice you give in the book. You have amazing style now, but what fashion fails or mistakes have you made in the past?

NB: Oh my gosh, probably everything I ever wore until I was 18 was a fashion fail! Even today, I wear the weirdest clothes and my friends all make fun of me. I remember there was a time when I was into being very different and I didn’t want to wear anything that any of my friends had. I remember buying these sequin shirts and these bright blue studded loafers and a bright pink skirt and trying to pair the most wacky outfits. That was pretty much the only thing I would wear for like a whole month. Anything I put on I thought was a masterpiece but looking back, I'm like, "That was just not okay."

GL: So what style or trend do you feel the most comfortable in—the most you?

NB: I’m very into denim. I just think it will never go out of style. Anything: jackets, jeans, shirts. I think it looks good on everybody and all skin tones. I wear jeans every day and I have so many denim tops and denim jackets—even denim chokers! I wouldn’t piece them all together, but it's the biggest staple in my wardrobe.

GL: What do you think your followers will be most surprised to learn when they read Let's Be Real?

NB: There are some stories in the book that I haven’t really shared before, especially in the chapter that deals with personal demons, like dark emotional times that I’ve dealt with. Being open and being honest about my problems is a way to encourage others to be open about problems they're facing and to seek help if that’s something that is necessary.  

GL: Is there a chapter that was the most difficult to write?

NB: I would say the faith chapter was the most difficult for me. I don’t want to give the chapter away too much, but the faith chapter is about my relationship with God and how it’s affected me and my family. That was a chapter I really worked a lot on with my mom because she was there to be a part of the difficult moments and could help translate it for me in a way that people can understand.

GL: You stress the importance of real friendships in your book, too, which we think is so amazing. What do you look for in a friend?

NB: I really do believe that the people you hang out with influence you in such a big way, and I’ve had friends in the past who have been negative and who haven’t been the best influence on me, and it can change my attitude. I would have more of a negative attitude or just not be the Natasha that I strive to be. So I look for honesty in a friend. I look for love and compassion and kindness. I look for someone who’ll tell it like it is. All the friends I have are extremely straightforward with me and extremely real. In general, I think having friends who are positive and encourage me to be the best me is really important.

GL: What do you think is the best version of Natasha?

Natasha: Anything that I do and anything that I involve myself in, I just want to put my best foot forward. I think that my best self is someone who’s a hard worker, outgoing, is honest, open, passionate and real.

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by Emily Cavanagh | 3/28/2017