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Prepare to pucker up with your own homemade Frogkisser! lip balm


Author Garth Nix is the king of all things fantasy. After all, this is the amazing author who crafted the Old Kingdom series and The Keys to the Kingdom series. With his latest, Frogkisser!, he's got a fun new tale with a perfect, pouty twist. 

This fanciful fairy tale follows Princess Anya and her quest to free the transformed people of her kingdom with the help of a very special lippy. Read on for more about this brilliant book—then learn how to make Anya's bewitched balm yourself.

The backstory...
When young Princess Anya's evil step-step-father transforms her older sister's latest suitor into a frog, she is sent on an important quest by the royal dogs to gather the ingredients for a vital lip balm. This magical lip balm will give Anya the power to transform him back into a human, as well as all the other unjustly transformed animals. By completing this brave and crucial quest, Princess Anya will also free the kingdom from the corrupt reign of her villainous step-step-father. 

Accompanied by her loyal talking dog, a boy thief trapped in the body of a newt and a host of other magical characters, Princess Anya learns about the true power of a well-placed kiss, the importance of friendship and how having confidence in yourself will take you far. All in all, this magnificently warm and fast-paced novel is overflowing with humor, great characters and a fantastic plot that will make you (almost) believe in magic again.

After you've read Frogkisser!, create your own enchanted lippy with this cinchy how to...

Anya's Bewitched Balm

What you'll need:
+ 2 tablespoons virgin coconut oil, firmly packed
+ 2 tablespoons beeswax, pastilles or shredded (alternative: soy wax), firmly packed
+ 2 tablespoons shea, cocoa or mango butter, firmly packed
+ Mason jar or small glass pyrex measuring cup
+ Optional: Lipstick for a tint

1. Coarsely chop or grate the beeswax and butters if in solid block form (skip if using pastilles).
2. Measure out grated beeswax, butters and coconut oil into a mason jar or pyrex cup.
3. Prepare a double boiler by adding about 1-2 cups of water to a small pot. Submerge the bottom of the mason jar or measuring cup in the  water.
4. Heat the water on medium-low to melt contents, stirring occasionally. Monitor it to ensure that the water does not boil over the rim.
5. Once melted together, immediately remove from the heat. Handle the jar with proper protection as it will be hot.
6. Pour the hot mixture into your lip balm containers and set aside to set. To speed up the cooling process, place them in the refrigerator to set.

Frogkisser! by Garth Nix is available in bookstores everywhereread the excerpt HERE! 

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by Cecelia Yost | 2/28/2017