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Dive into Gracie Grant's love life in Well, That Was Awkward

We’ve all felt that head-spinning, butterflies-in-tummy, OMG-my-crush-is-so-cute feeling. Your crush could just be sitting in algebra or nomming on their lunch, and you'd still feel the same level of crush craze.

In Well, That Was Awkward by Rachel Vail, we meet Gracie Grant. She's a confident, bright, loving person that is totally the girl you’d want to be BFFs with. She's a typical goody-two shoes, only child that does everything to please her parents, but not necessarily because she wants to—her parents lost a child before Gracie was even born, so she tries to cause as little trouble as possible. But then she's hit with that crush-crazed feeling...

Gracie has *never* felt this way before. One day while roaming the school halls, she suddenly can't think, can’t breathe, can’t walk—can’t anything. Why? Well the reason is tall, dreamy and insanely good looking: A.J. Rojanasopondsit. But it turns out that A.J. has the biggest crush on *not* Gracie, but her beautiful, #goals best friend, Sienna Reyes. Being the good gal pal Gracie is, she’s happy for her BFF. As Sienna’s go-to sidekick, Gracie helps her compose the best texts with the perf selection of emojis just to dazzle A.J.

But to their surprise, A.J.’s replies are super clever and witty, too, making both girls wonder if he’s been getting some help from his own brainy best friend, Emmett Barnaby. All of this texting goes through so many twists and turns, you won't believe who ends up with who!

Does A.J. really have feelings for Sienna? Will Gracie also find her happy ending? Read Well, That Was Awkward when it's released on Feb. 28 to find out!

Photo credit: Reader of Fictions


by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 2/18/2017