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GL BOOK CLUB: Violet on the Runway

Welcome GL gals, to the first book discussion of July! Last June we had four awesome discussions. So, in keeping with the trend of book greatness, let’s commence with the first novel of the month, Violet On the Runway, by Melissa Walker.

Before we dive in, let’s recap.

Prior to meeting Angela Blythe, Violet Greenfield was a gawky, abnormally tall and skinny wallflower. Always considering herself plain at best, Violet tried not to let her final year at Chapel Hill High be another period of social disasters and fashion faux pas.

Working at the local cinema, Violet’s life takes a drastic change as an agent spots her potential and immediately whisks her off to New York to make her the star of the fashion world. Suddenly, the tall, thin plain Jane is now a beauty icon. Becoming a star comes at a price. The life filled with fashion and glamour has an ugly side…

P.S. If you loved reading about Violet’s adventures, make sure to check out Violet by Design and, coming out in August, Violet in Private.

Question and Answer Time!

1) If you were ever given the opportunity, would you, like Violet, pursue a career in modeling?
GL Emily: Part of me knows that this lifestyle is crazy and the girls in it could be psychotic, but hello! Free clothes and make-up and your face everywhere! Pretty amazing. Not too mention the pay and maybe a cute celeb would notice me…

2) What do you think about the friendships of Roger and Julie? Are they good friends? Does Violet treat them right?
GL Emily: I would never have a friend like Julie. I mean, she needs a life coach, don’t you think? Not too mention the overachieving and the fact she was secretly dating Violet’s brother. Roger is a bit pretentious, but I know he adores Violet and I wish she would just open her eyes. Violet tends to let her model world smear her perceptions. She eventually realizes the error of her ways, and the friendships are as strong as ever. The best part of their friendships is that they are flawed, but they all love each other.

3) Violet takes to the runway with natural instinct, so it’s no wonder she makes some enemies along the way. How would you react to a horrible diva like Veronica or the evil eyes of the other competition?

GL Emily: Aaaaaah! I would be so anti-confrontational. I guess it’s really kinda hard to be, but OMG! Veronica scared me and I knew she was bad news. When she tricked Violet about a go-see, I became afraid of what else this girl was capable of. In the end, Veronica’s demeanor changed and Violet’s compassion allowed there to be a friendship. But in the meantime, I would have been afraid for my life and my wardrobe.  Who knows what she’s could do?!

4) Angela the agent is such a pain.  Do you think she did Vivacious Violet right or wrong?  How would you react to an overbearing agent like that?

GL Emily: Technically, Violet’s fate rested in the hands of her crazy agent and I think I would just go along with everything. Without Angela, Violet had nothing and without her there would be no guidance. I would put blind faith in that woman, too.

5) Now that you’ve read this one, will you read the next two in the series?

GL Emily: Done and done!

By the way, next week we’re reading Jinx by Meg Cabot. See ya there!

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7/6/2008 7:00:00 AM