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Whatcha readin’?


Here at GL, we wanna know what you’re into so we can cover all the things that you love! And that includes books (and no, we’re not talkin’ school books so don’t freak…). Here’s a quick survery, about all things literary. Post your responses in the comments section, and get ready, ’cause we’ve got a lot in store for you lit chicks.

1.    What book genres are your can’t-put-down faves? (Think comedy, romance, drama, mystery, fantasy, biography, anything!)

2.    What’s your favorite book of all time? (Name several, if you want.)

3.    Any authors you consistently love?

4.    How much time do you spend reading (for fun, not for school)?

5.    Do you do any writing of your own?

6.    Do you wish you had more time to read?

7.    Are you parents strict about what you’re allowed to read? Why or why not?

8.    You hate when a book ___________________.

9.    You love when a book ___________________.
Thanks for answering! And check back here every week for book reviews and specials. GL hearts reading, and we hope you’ll be reading right along with us!

Hearts and hugs,

4/19/2008 8:00:00 AM