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The Sister’s Club, by Megan McDonald

Are you all about the drama? (We’re talkin’ theater drama, not drama drama, though there’s a bit of that, too!).

“Sisters, Blisters and Tongue-Twisters” is the secret motto for “The Sisters Club,” a.k.a. Alex, Stevie and Joey, ages 12, 10 and 8 (don’t be fooled by their boy-seeming names!). The three dynamic, drama-loving sibs descended from a family of actors, starting with Hepzibiah McNutty Reel (for real!).

The story is uniquely formatted, so you get narration by middle-kid Stevie, journal entries from youngster Joey and plays written by older sis Alex.

Though they squabble, they ultimately reunite in their clubhouse (Alex’s room), where they work through temporary disasters and remain one close-knit family unit.

If you’ve got sisters, you’ll certainly be able to relate. And even if you don’t have ’em, their family predicaments are LOL funny. Do you have any hilarious sister stories? Share ’em here…

By Kim Childress

4/12/2008 10:18:00 AM