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How NOT to be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler

Every girl aspires to be popular- accepted and respected by her peers- right? Not Sugar Magnolia “Maggie” Dempsey. After one too many moves with her hippie, rolling stone ‘rents Maggie is tired of leaving her friends behind at any one of the ten high schools she’s attended. And to make matters more complicated? She left behind her BF Trevor this time around. At her new school in Austin Maggie decides to do the opposite of make friends. She decides she’s not going to fit in- even if the popular gals and a totally cutie try to snap her up.

But Maggie’s plan to be a misfit misfires and her quirky behavior inspires others to get “real.” But if this is just an act how is Maggie being “real?” Worse yet, she finds herself making friends and falling for a dude she thought was her total opposite. Will Maggie keep pretending to be unpopular? Or will she be able to stand true to herself? And will she ever find herself at “home?”

With laughs on every page and Maggie as the hilariously honest heroine this book is a must-read. With unexpected turns each chapter and unforgettable characters, this book is a great lazy Saturday or travel-take me read. The book takes real issues like friends, popularity, self and belonging and intertwines them into a humorous awnd heartwarming novel. Who knew a book about being unpopular could be so cool?

By Cait Rohan

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4/5/2008 2:41:00 PM