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Centsibility By Stacey Roderick, Ellen Warwick and Monika Melnychuk

When it comes to money, girls are sure good at spending it. A cute new outfit, a fun new purse, the latest CD—all totally fun and worthwhile necessities to blow the weekly allowance on, right? But what would happen if instead of blowing all of your cash the second it hits your pocket and then having to ask your parents for more, you made it yourself, saved it and spent it the way you wanted? Light bulb!

With Centsibility, a new “girl guide to money” by Stacey Roderick, Ellen Warwick and Monika Melnychuk, you can find out how! This savvy read gives you tips on how to make your own dough and keep track of it; how and why to save it and what to spend it on. You’ll also find helpful quizzes about your spending style and your own money personality, as well as, money saving crafts, shopping tips and where to find the best bargains.

A perfect read for all you quick-spenders who desperately need to get a hold of your finances or just for those who want to learn the right way to budget their dinero.

By Sammi Cassin

3/29/2008 10:07:00 AM