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Who can? Girls Can! Our Bestie Book Club is loving this inspo-packed read

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Who can? Girls Can!

Setting goals and following your passions. Standing strong in the face of challenges. Supporting one another. That's what girl power is all about. If you want to feel more confident, resilient and empowered, grab a copy of Girls Can! right this second. You won't regret it. 

Our Bestie Book Club raved about this book. Read our recap below—then keep scrolling to see why our amazing book besties Jordyn, Kacey, Lexi, Kira, Kamryn and Skyla think Girls Can! is the galvanizing read you need in your life rn. 

Each page of Girls Can! is packed with passionate role models, inspiring quotes and interviews from super famous females (think: Oprah Winfrey and Alex Morgan) plus SHEroes you may not know as well (like ecologist Dominique Gonçalves, inventor Gitanjali Rao and activist Tarana Burke). Read heartwarming, motivational stories of how women in athletics, arts, STEM, activism and more paved the way for your generation. It'll encourage you to go out for captain of the basketball team, work on a cause you believe in or take your singing career from the shower to the stage. 

We caught up with our incredible Bestie Book Club squad to learn all about the Girls Can! role models they *so* stan, what girl power means in 2020 and how Girls Can! inspires them to reach for their biggest dreams.

Jordyn @jordyn_lenae

Ready-made role model: "Through Girls Can! I learned about Phillis Wheatley. She's a poet and the first Black female published writer. I was so moved by her story." 
Girl power is... "We have to uplift and empower *all* girls. As a young Black girl, it's important to see women who look like me and have done amazing things to change the world throughout history. It gives me the courage to be brave—and know that I can accomplish amazing things, too." 
Dream big: "Girls Can! reminded me of the opportunities that are out there for me. We aren't taught about all of these incredible women in school." 

Kacey @kaceyfifield

Ready-made role model: "Learning about Marie Curie was everything. She shares my Polish heritage and my determination, too. From a young age, she wanted to get a higher education and persisted against so many obstacles to ultimately succeed as a physicist. I hope my work ethic can be just like hers." 
Girl power is... "We have power in numbers. A girl squad is stronger than one girl alone. Together, we're unstoppable." 
Dream big: "I'm passionate about protecting animal rights, so I loved reading the activism chapter of Girls Can! I felt more ready than ever to take a stand and make an impact." 

Lexi @lexisoleil08

Ready-made role model: "I loved reading about Fe Villanueva del Mundo. She was the first woman to study at Harvard Medical School—they accepted her application without realizing she was a woman! She earned her degree and went on to save lives by joining the International Red Cross and opening her own medical center. Plus, she's Filipina, just like me." 
Girl power is... "No one gets to tell me what I can or cannot do. I look up to so many fierce women who remind me to stay determined and focused—but also to be proud and celebrate my accomplishments." 
Dream big: "This book reminds me that I can go for my goals and achieve anything I want to. For me, that's improving as a dancer every day."

Kira @cali.kira

Ready-made role model: "Tegla Loroupe's story was very inspiring. We're both athletes—she's a runner, I'm a cheerleader—but, more importantly, we are both advocates for kindness. Watching my sister, who is autistic, deal with severe school bullying was so hard and hurtful. It made me more passionate than ever about speaking up and choosing empathy. You never know what someone is going through." 
Girl power is... "When we stand up and support one another, anything is possible. Sometimes people try to put me down by saying cheerleading isn't a sport. I don't listen to them! You have to ignore the haters and do what you love no matter what."
Dream big: "We all have days when we feel like giving up, but learning about the girls and women who paved the way for me makes me feel stronger than ever."

Kamryn @itskamrynsmith

Ready-made role model: "I'm obsessed with Simone Biles. Talk about goals! Simone holds the most Olympic gold medals of any American gymnast ever. When it comes to my dance career, I strive to embody her drive, intensity and creativity." 
Girl power is... "No matter how young we are, when we put our minds to something we can make our voices heard." 
Dream big: "In Girls Can!, I learned about *so* many women I didn't even know about before. It totally inspired me. I hope I can end up on the pages of a book like this someday." 

Skyla @skyladisney_

Ready-made role model: "I was blown away by the story of Indra Nooyi. She's a total boss who became the CEO of PepsiCo, proving that hard work + confidence = the ultimate combination for a leader." 
Girl power is... "Spreading happiness and positive vibes. We need to build each other up, because true leaders bring others along on their path to success." 
Dream big: "Reading about these women inspires me to keep reaching for my dreams. I know I can do anything I set my mind to!" 

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by Katherine Hammer | 11/13/2020