At last! Meet our 2022 Spring Beauty Award winners

When it comes to our holy grail products, we’re here to share allll of our hacks. (Because we Do! Not! Stand! For! Gatekeeping!) Say hello to soft skin, shiny hair, illuminated lids and sweet scents. Let’s level up that GRWM routine together...

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Brazilian Bare Fresh Watermelon Extra Gentle Shave Syrup, $13

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Step away from the soap. No, really: Shaving with whatever rando bar is in your shower leaves skin stinging, not silky. Entering the chat? Brazilian Bare Fresh Watermelon Extra Gentle Shave Syrup. This easy-gliding, clear formula is perfect for shaving newbies (or anyone who is simply sick of razor burn and ingrown hairs).
WHY WE LOVE IT This gentle gel gives us serious smoothness, plus it’s formulated with all-natural ingredients and smells like summer. So long, burning and bumps.


Kinky-Curly Knot Today Detangler, $12

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Spoil your strands with a conditioner created especially for curly hair. This detangler smooths your hair’s cuticle and relaxes knots so you don’t damage your ‘do.
WHY WE LOVE IT Looking to deep condition *and* hydrate? This detangler does double duty. Apply it in the shower and rinse for knot-free coils or leave it on to really soak in all the nourishing benefits. The creamy formula specifically treats and tames so you can say “buh-bye” to frizz and “oh hi” to hydration.


Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish, $10

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN We know the sun ups your mood...but did you know it can also transform your mani? Paint on Del Sol’s color-changing formula, then step into the sun to watch your nails switch up their style—from wistful White to perfect French Rose Pink.
WHY WE LOVE IT Why commit to just *one* nail color? Del Sol shades are oh-so-shimmery and made with a cruelty-free formula. Plus, the color-changing effects never fade, so you can rock them season after season.


AcneFree Sulfur Acne Foaming Cleanser, $9

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Whoever said you need to choose between tackling tough pimple probs and being kind to your complexion? Not AcneFree. Its foaming cleanser works gentle wonders, no matter your skin type. Thanks to its soothing ingredients (that still stop acne!), you won't dry out while preventing zits.
WHY WE LOVE IT If you have sensitive skin (who doesn't?), you don't want products that promise to bust blemishes and end up leaving your skin feeling en fuego. That's why we love that AcneFree's cleanser is formulated with ceramides and oat extract, which help retain moisture and protect pores (plus lemon oil to leave your face feeling refreshed).


Belif Aqua Bomb, $42

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Dryness? IDK her. This super soothing moisturizer from Avon is a routine must-have—morning *and* night. With a lightweight, refreshing formula, you can drench your skin in the deep hydration it deserves.
WHY WE LOVE IT The Belif Aqua Bomb instantly cools skin and is free of synthetic fragrances, so you can soak up the moisture without any irritation (and after a looong winter, your face deserves some serious TLC).


Mink Envy Sequin Lashes, $6

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN What pairs best with iconic Y2K pieces like flared jeans, slip dresses and baguette bags? Falsies accessorized with butterfly, heart and flower sequins.
WHY WE LOVE IT Mink Envy’s glue-on lashes are made with ultra-soft fibers to give you a fluttery fringe that’s full of sparkle. All eyes will be on your eyes. (Oh, and you can even reuse them up to 25 times! Because, hello, who wants to rock statement lashes only once?)


L.A. Colors Color Mania Nail Polish, $2

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN The #1 nail must-have for spring 2022? A polish that pops! The L.A. Colors Color Mania collection is super fun and eye-catching. Pick your fave from a lineup of eight iridescent, neon shades—or apply them all! There are no rules.
WHY WE LOVE IT Spring is all about matching a bright mani to bold fits. These pearly, cruelty-free and v. vibrant colors are right on trend.


AOA Skin Green Tea + Vitamin E Cleansing Balm, $9

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Looking for a cleansing balm good enough to replace your makeup wipes? This one melts away mascara and foundation while feeding your skin *all* the antioxidants, prepping you for a perfect night of beauty sleep.
WHY WE LOVE IT Loaded with ingredients your face loves (hiii green tea extract and plenty of vitamin E), this cleanser is the best way to wake up glowy and nourished.


Sun In Hair Lightener Lemon Fresh, $4

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN We’re manifesting warmer days, so why not start with summery strands? Give your hair sun-kissed highlights with Sun In. This citrus-y spritz is made with natural ingredients that strengthen your hair while it adds golden streaks. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!
WHY WE LOVE IT Hair products are usually packed with ingredients we can barely pronounce. Not Sun In: Loaded with aloe, lemon and flaxseed, you’re helping your hair stay silky and strong with just the good stuff.


Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel, $5

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Raise your hand if you love waiting for a pimple to disappear. No one? Yep. This overnight spot treatment acts fast to zap bacteria and reduce redness—like, stat.
WHY WE LOVE IT Zapzyt’s benzoyl peroxide neutralizes blemishes within five hours while the water-based gel guarantees that your skin stays hydrated (no flakes here). Finally, you don’t need to sacrifice soft skin to beat breakouts.


Clean & Clear Aloe Vera Gentle Cleanser, $7

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN The worst part of finals szn? Watching your skin suffer. Enter this super gentle face wash from Clean & Clear. The aloe vera extract removes dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin without over-drying or irritation.
WHY WE LOVE IT Clean & Clear’s face wash is formulated without oils, soaps and sulphates— just clean, simple ingredients that get the job done. Basically sensitive skin perfection.


SeneGence BlushSense Cream Blush, $32

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN A pretty flush that lasts? Yes, pls. BlushSense's creamy, long-wear formula is easy to blend, giving you a hydrated glow that is water- and smudge-resistant. Swoon.
WHY WE LOVE IT BlushSense comes in seven fabulously gorg shades—and the powerful pigment means you'll only need a teensy bit of product. Plus, it's full of ingredients you skin hearts, from calming aloe vera to beneficial vitamins B and E.


Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Surprise, $10

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Open one of these adorbs nail kits to reveal a brand new set of surprise mani supplies. You'll discover amaze options to create fun styles that feel effortlessly you—from haute holographics to sparkly sequins—with stickers, press-ons and polish.
WHY WE LOVE IT It's a mani upgrade *plus* a can't-miss unboxing moment. Each set has its own unique effect (some of our faves = water-activated designs, glow-in-the-dark and fruity scents). Collections like Kawaii Cute and VSCO Vibin' help you pair your nails to your aesthetic, no matter your mood.


Hairdo 18” Simply Straight Ponytail, $62

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Switch up your strands with minimal effort when you style this chic pony a million cute ways. You can go from casual cool to glam goddess in a snap—just snag the shade that matches your mane.
WHY WE LOVE IT Honestly, who doesn’t want instantly longer, fuller, shinier, more ~glamorous~ hair whenever they feel like it? Simply pin it into your regular pony, then use the smooth band of wrap-around hair to secure. Boom, instant gorgeousness.


Clean Age Citrus Natural Deodorant, $11

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN A natural deo that smells good *and* helps the environment? We can't resist! Clean Age's Citrus Natural Deodorant is made without aluminum or baking soda and has a subtle, sunny scent. Simply swipe it on and feel fab all day long.
WHY WE LOVE IT Not only is this simple odor buster effective, its 90% paper packaging is recyclable. Time to show a little love to the planet and your pits.

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by GL | 5/9/2022