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Habitat Heroes

Hey girls, if you’re a fan of Disney XD’s show Aaron Stone, you’ve gotta check this out! The stars have been spotted on a new website, Habitat Heroes (

So what is Habitat Heroes? It’s the first social networking website aimed at eco-friendly teens—the proceeds even go to environmental charities. Not only is the website itself awesome, but it also has videos of the Aaron Stone stars chatting about their fave ways to help the environment (CLICK HERE to see what we’re talking about) and different causes they support. They’re taking the time to care…can you? We think so—especially when it’s fun!
What do you do on Habitat Heroes? To start off, you adopt an endangered animal and create a personalized avatar from it. Your avatar can then make friends at the local “Watering Hole,” where you can chat with other kids and teens who care about our planet just as much as you do! You can also feed your avatar (there are tons of healthy choices), clothe it and decorate its habitat—but only if you have “creature cash.” That’s the currency on Habitat Heroes, and you earn it by doing something to help the environment.

Once you’ve made your avatar comfy and stylish, you can go around the globe and play games (there are some on each continent)! Some are even based on real-life projects designed to help the environment.

For more info on these projects and other cool environmental organizations, check out

By: Lisa Brown 


8/5/2009 11:48:00 AM