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We're already falling in love with Jenna Raine's brand new single "Big Dumb Heart"

Empath babes, your next anthem has arrived. Singer/songwriter Jenna Raine just answered *all* our sensitive girl prayers with her newest single "Big Dumb Heart". The long-awaited song dropped today, after lots of social media promo (featuring a huuuge and hilarious dancing heart) and highkey anticipation from fans. 


you asked… “Big Dumb Heart” is yours on 11/10 ♥️

♬ Big Dumb Heart - Jenna Raine

We've always had a major soft spot for Jenna Raine—she slayed on the cover of our August/September issue earlier this year—and every time she releases music, we basically only fall deeper in love. "Big Dumb Heart" is only the latest addition to Jenna's rockin' discography. Her two EPs—My Big Dumb HeartChapter 1 and Chapter 2— came out earlier this year and included viral hits such as "It Is What It Is" (which totally blew up on TikTok). Plus, she's got more music on the way in 2024! 

We can't help but list all the reasons why we're swooning over "Big Dumb Heart." OK, OK, we'll limit it to our top three...

1. The melody = infectious 

"Big Dumb Heart" is a bop in *every* sense of the word. Its playful, energetic piano intro immediately gets us grooving and when Jenna breaks into the bursting chorus, we know we're in for endless pop perfection. It might sound cliché to say, but Jenna's music, with its full and sunny sound, has a ton of, well, heart.

Don't even get us started on the catchiest bridge ev-ah. It's the kind of tune we'll never be able to stop humming in the car or belting in the shower. 

2. The vocals = top-notch

Jenna's had lots of practice honing her singing craft, especially during the 100 Songs Challenge she took on during the pandemic (yes, that's right, she wrote and performed an original tune for her followers for a hundred days). Let's just say all that practice totally paid off—Jenna's strong emotions can totally be felt through her raw and real vocal performance on the track. 

3. The lyrics = oh-so-relatable

When Jenna sings about her constant struggle as "an emotional overachiever" and a "people pleaser"? It's like she's talking directly to us. She flawlessly captures the ultra-frustrating sensation where you're stuck feeling like the "giver" in friendships, in love, in nearly all your relationships.

The authenticity and vulnerability of Jenna's lyrics make it clear that she's been in this sitch IRL—using up all her energy working overtime as, in her words, "everyone's therapist". There's no mistaking the message of "Big Dumb Heart": sometimes even the most giving, generous girlies have to look out for no. 1, otherwise things can get overwhelming fast.

But having a ginormous heart doesn't have to be all bad. In Jenna's exclusive interview with Girls' Life, she reminded us that there's an upside to being so compassionate 24/7: "Yes, there are times when you need to protect yourself and put a wall up and not let in every single person that you meet," she says. "But there's so much light that comes from having a 'big dumb' heart. It has brought me so much love and joy."

Follow Jenna on IG and listen to "Big Dumb Heart" here now!

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by Madelon Basil | 11/10/2023