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Who thinks about the Roman Empire? The girlies are redefining what *their* Roman Empire is

A trend has taken over TikTok, and it could not be more random: asking guys how often they think about the Roman Empire. Surprisingly, answers range from twice a month to twice a week. Apparently, a civilization that collapsed 2,000 years ago still stands strong in many minds. 

So, where did the #RomanEmpire trend even come from?

This iconic trend first took off with Artur Hulu, a Roman re-enactor. On social media, Hulu goes by the name "Gaius Flavius," who was a former Roman emperor. His viral Instagram post told people to ask their BFs, husbands, dads or brothers how often they think about the Roman Empire...and people ate it up. 

Instagram users flooded his comment section with their own takes, and shortly after, the question carried over to TikTok as more and more women asked their partners.

@lexnicoleta this is insane #romanempire #husband ♬ original sound - Lex | Coastal Grandmother

Some went on entire tangents about the Roman Empire, gushing over all its glory. And tbh, we love to see it!

@mama_bee_kay I feel like I need to go to a museum or something now 💀 #romanempire #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound - Billie Kay Asmus

Now, how are the girlies responding?

As with any trend, we can always count on the girlies to put their own twist on it. Many users have started sharing what their personal "Roman Empire" is, or something that seems to always be on their mind. 

@betches Which ones did we miss?? #romanempire #howoftendoyouthinkabouttheromanempire #girlromanempire ♬ original sound - betches

From Little Women monologues to the Taylor-Travis relationship to the Pitch Perfect riff-off, the girlies have dominated this trend with their own versions to bond over.

This cutesy silliness is exactly what we're here for. It reminds us that we all actually have so much in common and that there are tons of precious ideas and thoughts that connect us. Aww!

But wait, this doesn't mean that girls aren't interested in history

It may seem like many of the "girl versions" of the Roman Empire seem unserious in comparison, but that doesn't mean that women care only about these things. I think I speak for all girlies when I say that this trend is by no means a complete reflection of our thoughts and interests. 

In fact, girls shared a lot of other historical events that they collectively think about: the Victorian era, the Salem Witch Trials, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire (oddly specific, but oddly accurate), the Romanov family and the Titanic.

In this TikTok, many women share about Princess Diana, and some other major events like the French Revolution and women's suffrage.

@vice witch girl, you have our hearts #romanempire #whatgirlsthinkabout #romanempiretrend #romanempirememe ♬ original sound - VICE

What is *your* Roman Empire? Let us know on Instagram @girlslifemag!

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by Anne Chen | 9/27/2023