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Netflix's new interactive rom-com is a girls' night must

Netflix's new interactive rom-com Choose Love makes for the perfect girls' night that will have you fighting over the remote!

Live your main character moment by selecting what Cami does (and which cutie she ends up with!) through a series of quick, pop-up decisions—then watch your choices play out on the screen.

Cami, played by Austin & Ally star Laura Marano, is feeling stuck. Everyone around her is either getting promoted, married or pregnant, and she feels like she's falling behind. Desperate for guidance, she goes to a psychic for a tarot reading where she is told she is about to be pulled in all different directions.

Soon, she's faced with three men vying for her love and affection: Paul, her boyfriend of three years; Jack, her first love and high school sweetheart; and Rex, a rockstar with a swoon-worthy British accent who's taken quite the liking to Cami. 

Paul is the certified safe choice. As a nice guy with a good job and an obvious intention to marry her, choosing him would mean staying where she is.

Jack is the one who got away. With their romantic history and years-long friendship, choosing him would mean going back to where she came from.

And then there's Rex, played by Victorious star Avan Jogia. He's the new choice—the famous guy who sees Cami's true potential as a singer. Choosing him would mean taking a leap of faith and moving forward into the unknown.


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How is she ever going to choose?

Well, that's where you come in. As the film goes on and Cami is presented with tough decisions, two options appear on the screen. Each time, you have around 10-15 seconds to pick what Cami will do. Some of the choices include if Cami should hear good news or bad news, say yes or no to a lunch date and take a raise or quit her job for something better.

The options you're presented with will have you picking sides and laughing all night long, so grab your besties and your favorite movie snack and settle in for a silly night!

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by Grace Walker | 9/19/2023