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Speak Now: Then vs. now

It's no secret Taylor Swift has evolved since the OG Speak Now era, but just *how* much has her life, style and artistry changed?

If there's anything these re-recordings have taught us, it's that with time comes growth—and revisiting past eras through a new lens can be, well, v. refreshing. With the release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version), let's reflect on both the 2010 Speak Now and this new era. 


Then: One thing about Taylor? She never goes out of style. Back in 2010, Taylor's wardrobe was full of gowns and dresses. Her hair was long and curly, and she loved to accessorize with scarves, beanies and funky jewelry. She often was spotted wearing cute frocks or mini skirts. During the Speak Now tour, her outfits were mostly dresses, such as the glittery ballgown she wore during "Enchanted" or the iconic purple dress for "Speak Now." Tbh, she developed a pretty stunning aesthetic.


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Now: After many shifts in her aesthetic, Taylor's current style is classy and timeless. She has now fully embraced her signature bangs and red lip look. Her style is a lot more versatile, meaning you'll find her wearing all kinds of looks––from preppy blazers and blouses to more casual attire of cardigans and jeans. Her onstage style during The Eras Tour includes a mix of sparkly jumpsuits, whimsical Folklore-esque frocks and dazzling gowns.



Then: While many parts of Taylor's life are constantly shifting––like how she goes from era to era seamlessly––some things never change, like her decade-long friendships with other female artists, from Selena Gomez to Paramore's Hayley Williams. During the OG Speak Now tour, both Selena and Hayley were surprise guests during certain shows, each performing their own hit song alongside Taylor. 


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Now: Hayley Williams is joining Taylor once again as a special act for the European leg of The Eras Tour. A full-circle moment, Taylor recently posted on her Instagram declaring how excited she was to perform with her longtime bestie. Selena Gomez has also gone on to perform alongside Taylor (at both the 1989 Tour and Reputation Tour) and even attended The Eras Tour (could there be another surprise performance coming up?). 


Then: Taylor's early eras of music included a lot of country-pop influences and acoustic beats. Her writing was earnest and incredibly smart for her age. While her songwriting would be a constant strength for her as an artist, the music itself would go through a lot more changes as she evolved. Speak Now gave fans songs full of powerful emotions, a theme that has carried on throughout Taylor's career all the way up to now with the release of Speak Now (Taylor's Version). 

Now: Taylor has multiple Grammys under her belt, an impressive catalog of albums, a tour that has taken the world by storm and is just releasing her third re-recorded album. Her sound as an artist has shifted from country-pop to more traditional pop (and she's even incorporated elements of folk and indie music). We love a versatile queen.

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by Mina Rahmat | 7/6/2023