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EXCLUSIVE! Aubrey Miller goes behind the camera in her brand-new web series "ME"

After starring in Amazon Prime's Just Add Magic, Aubrey Miller is *so* ready to make some magic of her own. In "ME", a web series and Aubrey's latest passion project, the actress, artist and activist, 19, steps behind the scenes to tell what might be her most creative story yet. 

In our exclusive Girls' Life interview, Aubrey dishes on everything "ME"—plus how you can go after your passions this back-to-school season, too.

Girls' Life: What's "ME" all about?

Aubrey: It's a miniseries about six high school music students who are on their way to a retreat...and end up taking a bit of a detour. It leads them to unlock the mytery behind their disappearance and also discover their friendships and the true music inside of them. 

Girls' Life: What inspired you to take on this project?

Aubrey: I feel like [quarantine] was the perfect time to go behind the camera and write something myself. I've always been fascinated with every aspect of production. I'd always be going up to each department, from sound to props, and ask how everything worked. I'd written about five scripts before but this was the first one I really got to bring to life. It started small and kept blossoming into something so much bigger—the simple concept morphed into a really complex storyline. 

Girls' Life: How'd you decide who to cast in the characters you created?

Aubrey: [Casting] was so fun. I created these characters and got to cast people I really believed in—I even got to bring on some of my Just Add Magic co-stars which was so exciting. Watching them transform the words on the page into actual people was a total dream. I love the whole cast so much and we had the best time filming. We have a group chat that's active every day where we're all just like, "I miss you!" Being able to develop [the story] together was great. 

Girls' Life: What are you most excited for viewers to see in "ME"? 

Aubrey: OMG, everything! There's so much work that goes into every shot, every scene ,every character, every laugh, every outfit, every detail. I can't wait for everyone to meet the six main leads. Gia, Joey, Harley, Lucas, Tristan and Lilly are such fun characters and watching them interact as their relationships grow is so great. Plus, there are some very interesting plot twists and mysteries.

Girls' Life: And what advice would you give girls about going for their own dreams?

Aubrey: Start by knowing you love what you're doing and that you love the day-to-day of it—even the [less glamorous] parts can become fun to you. I personally loved being on the phone with our legal team for hours discussing contracts or figuring out how to get a permit to film on a sidewalk. That was new! It's important to know what goes into your passion in order to take that leap. Having the right people around you is so important, too. But if somebody's not going to open that door for you, then sometimes you have to open it for yourself. 

Catch up with Aubrey on Instagram and stay tuned for "ME" on YouTube!

Parts of this interview were edited and condensed for clarity.


by Katherine Hammer | 9/1/2021