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Unpacking the new season of "Never Have I Ever"

The second season of Never Have I Ever on Netflix is *officially* here, and it picked up right where it left off: with a swoon-worthy smooch between Devi and her nemesis, Ben.

So, for all you die-hard Never Have I Ever fans, I'm sure you're thinking But what about Paxton? What about Devi's ever-loyal (but painfully clueless) besties, Fabiola and Elenor? If these kinds of questions interest you, keep reading to learn *everything* you need to know about the show's latest season.


If you aren't familiar with Never Have I Ever, it's a Netflix teen drama starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and co-created by Mindy Kailing. The show follows Devi, a first-generation Indian-American teenager, as she navigates high school in the year following her father's death. Between her love triangles, mistakes and dramatic escapades, this show *nails* the *way-too-relatable* struggles of high school.

Devi starts the season strong with a "pros" and "cons" list to help her decide between her two suitors, Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) and Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet). As much as Paxton is definitely the ultimate crush, I'm team Ben. He just *gets* Devi. Swoon!

The characters on this show could *not* be more relatable. In season 2, Devi gets a nose piercing after sneaking out at night, which is something her mom does *not* approve of. She also throws a party when her mom isn't home, which she has never *ever* done before (get it?) Of course, queen Devi learns her lesson each time she disobeys her mom, and each episode features some pretty fab life lessons.

Never Have I Ever normalizes that messing up is a part of growing up. Not only does Devi have her fair share of mess-ups, but her BFFs, Fabiola and Elenor, do too. The new season also introduces a new character, Aneesa (Megan Suri), and Elenor's new Disney Channel star boyfriend, Malcolm (Tyler Alvarez). Aneesa is Devi's new frenemy—even though the two have sleepovers and hang-seshes, there's an element of competition between the two girls...especially when Aneesa goes for Ben.

When all of Devi's mistakes catch up to her, we're brought back to her therapist's office, where she delivers a heartfelt monologue about all of her mental health struggles throughout the show. This is *such* an important scene because it adds so much depth not only to Devi's character, but to the show itself. It's not often that teen comedies bring awareness to mental health issues, so that's something to watch for in season 2. 

Between new love plots, frenemies and *so* much drama, Never Have I Ever season 2 does not disappoint. Make sure to stream this masterpiece on Netflix ASAP, because you'll *never ever* forgive yourself if you miss it.

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by Chloe Hechter | 7/21/2021