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This new Bizaardvark vid is gross and hilarious at the same time!

If you're anything like us, you're missing Bizaardvark big time. Seriously, season two can't come soon enough! We are *obsessed* with the hilarious Paige and Frankie and their equally funny videos—and this exclusive short just might be their funniest one of all time.

In the vid, the Vuuugle girls take on the BizaArmBox (that's a mouthful, we know!). Basically, they stick their hand into a box not knowing what's inside and then have to guess what the mysterious item is that they're touching. Uh, gross! You can count us out, be we are so glad Paige and Frankie were in because it is a seriously funny watch. Press play below.

TBH, the only thing that could make this funnier is if Dirk, Amelia and Bernie did it too!

Check out this vid—and more to come—on the Disney Channel app.

Would you stick your hand in that mystery box? Let us know in the comments!


by Sydney Adamson | 3/31/2017