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What even is Kirby Buckets: Warped? Find out from Kirby himself


If you love Kirby Buckets, then this is your lucky week! Every day this week at 7 a.m., season three of the action-packed, time-traveling DisneyXD show, Kirby Buckets: Warped, is premiering all-new episodes. 

What does "Warped" mean, though? This season, the places that Kirby and the gang travel to are crazier than ever before, and the stakes are way higher. There are a lot of changes (including the show’s name), but Jacob Bertrand, who plays Kirby, wasn’t nervous. “I was really stoked for the switch up!” he said when we caught up with him. “The writers are super great and I knew that they'd bring some hilarious stuff to the table, so I was nothing but excited.”

In the first episode of the season, Kirby accidentally opens a portal to an alternative Forrest Hill, causing his parents to disappear into the other side. Using Principal Mitchell's mystical orb and the help of his sister, his friends and his principal, Kirby journey to alternative universes to find and save his parents.

Not everything about the show is changing though—Kirby’s journey as a burgeoning animator will continue this season. When we asked Jacob whether or not he shares Kirby's love for animation he said, “The best thing I can draw would be some mountains. I'm not the best artist! Luckily, there's an awesome animation studio that makes everything for the show."

Hmm, maybe in an alternate universe Jacob would be an illustrator? Who knows!

Have you been watching all new Kirby Buckets:Warped episodes this week? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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by Emily Cavanagh | 1/18/2017