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Reinstate Recess!

Who knew that recess is actually good for you? Turns out, fresh and time to relax during the school day has been proven to increase good behavior, according to a recent article in the New York Times.

Doctors and researchers found that the kids who got to take a break from all that learning for at least 15 minutes a day got into a lot less trouble than the kids who stayed cooped up. They found kids actually learn when they’re just chillin’ on the playground. But in a much more fun way, of course.

Lots of new schools are being built without a big area for kids to kick a ball around or chat on some swings to help maintain a little sanity. The researchers are hoping these schools will see the benefit of allowing kids some freedom to kick-back from lessons. Finally! Someone is taking the side of kids.

Blog it out...Do you get free time during the school day for at least 15 minutes? Do you see any advantages?
by Katie Shutt | 2/1/2016