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Here are all of the young athletes making history at the Olympics this year

All of the athletes that are currently competing at this year's Tokyo Olympics have accomplished something amazing, but some of the competitors have done something amazing before even being able to vote. From skateboarding to swimming, here are some of the most amazing (and accomplished) athletes making history this year. 

Lydia Jacoby
17-year-old Lydia isn't just the first Alaskan swimmer to make the Olympic swim team, she also trained in a town that didn't even have an Olympic sized pool, making her 100-meter gold medal win that much more exciting. *And* she accomplished all this before entering her senior year of high school.


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Momiji Nishiya 
A skateboarding *icon*, Momiji is one of the youngest gold medal winners in history, winning gold in the street skateboarding competition at only 13. Japan's youngest medalist, she hopes to see more girls enter the sport of skateboarding after seeing her win. 

Sunisa Lee
After Simone Bile's bowed out of many women's gymnastics competitions at this year's Games, many thought that the USA was out of the running for a gold medal for the all-around competition. Well, it turns out that it just make it easier for Sunisa Lee to win gold for Team USA. Only 18, she plans to focus on college, committed to Auburn University. TBH, it's Suni's world, and we're just living in it. 


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Rayessa Leal
Another street skateboarding medalist, Rayessa is only 13, and is taking home a silver for her home country of Brazil. However, this isn't her first time in the spotlight. She went viral when she was seven, for landing a heelflip while sporting a fairy costume


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Grace McCallum
The youngest member of Team USA gymnastics, she helped the group take home a silver medal for team all-around. This is just the beginning for Grace though, as she plans to continue her gymnastics career this fall at the University of Utah. 

Sky Brown
Competing in park skateboarding, Sky is Great Britain's youngest Olympic athlete of all time, and one to watch for her events. The 13-year-old has already won medals on an international stage, and is continuing the trend of young athletes in the skateboarding events. 


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These athletes are showing that no matter how old you are, you can accomplish anything—Whether you're competing for a spot on the podium or just trying to be the best you can be. 

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by Serena Sherwood | 7/30/2021