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Here's why it's *so* important to foster a puppy rn

Take a pause from baking cupcakes and making TikToks, because your social distancing spring break could get a little more interesting—and *much* cuter. Today is National Puppy Day, and it is more important now than ever before to foster a puppy (with your parents' permission, ofc).

Not only are shelters losing money from a lack of adoptions, but they have to keep fewer employees on the clock to keep everyone safe and healthy.

"Sadly, some shelters and rescues will never be able to reopen their doors due to lost revenue (from) a lack of adoptions," says Colleen Paige, the creator of National Puppy Day, to CNN.

So, what happens to the pups?

That's where you and your fam come in. Not only are these adorbs animals the perf way to handle the boredom and loneliness of social distancing, but you are doing them a *big* favor by giving them a place to stay when they need you the most.

According to Matt Bershadker, the president and chief exec of the ASPCA, this give-and-take combo means even more during stressful periods, like the outbreak of COVID-19.

“There’s no question that animals provide incredible comfort and companionship, especially during times of crisis — and they certainly appreciate the attention — so we encourage people to continue to adopt or temporarily foster animals in need,” writes Bershadker in an email to the Washington Post.

And, if you can't foster a puppy yourself, it's NBD. Instead, put your time towards finding these cuties a home. Use social media, like Twitter and Instagram, to promote your local shelters and get others interested in taking advantage of everything National Puppy Day (and the rest of the social distancing time) has to offer. 

What are you waiting for? Get out, get active and get these pups a place to call home, at least for now.

How have you spent your social distancing time so far? Tell us your routine in the comments!

by Logan Potter | 3/23/2020