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Inside gymnast Nia Dennis' viral Beyonce moment!

It's only been four days since UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis became a viral sensation with her Beyonce-inspired floor routine, but after the video of her *completely* nailing her performance was shared and shared and shared, fans want to know more about the inspiration behind the powerhouse performance. 

A lot of work went into the little details (hello, crown fix!), but what we love most about the clip below of Nia preparing is how tight-knit she and her teammates are, and how Nia is able to tap into her confidence.

It all paid off in a big way—with a 9.975 score and overnight stardom. "I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy, thank you everyone for such positive messages, it means the world to me to have your support. this is so surreal i can't even believe it!" she tweeted.

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Main photo: Instagram


by Jacqueline F. | 3/1/2020