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Celebs share heartbreaking Australia messages—here’s what you can do to help

With 24 lives lost, over 2,000 homes destroyed and over 1 billion animals feared dead, the wildfires in Australia make for a tragic start to 2020. From thousands of miles away, it's easy to feel hopeless about the situation, but some of your favorite celebrities (both Aussies and non-Aussies alike) are reminding us that the best thing to do during a crisis is to band together and help in ways big and small. 

After making his own donation, Shawn Mendes urged fans to donate to  "Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund & two local organizations - the NSW Rural Fire Service and the South Australian Country Fire Service."

JoJo Siwa announced on Instagram that she'd be collecting donations at all of her Australian shows. She also highlighted sweet animals like the koala, which has become synonymous with Australia. To help the furry friends affected by the fires, check out Australia's Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.

Singer Cody Simpson, who grew up in Australia, wrote a poignant post about how scary it must be for the children of his hometown to see their homes on fire. He stressed the point that climate change is exacerbating the issue, and pleaded with fans to stand with him to raise awareness about global warming. Cody shared a link to the United Nations Development Programme to support the cause. 


Imagine being this little boy escaping to the water—the only safe place for hundreds of kilometres, watching your house, town & country burn. Had this have happened 10 years ago this would have been me. Watching my home burn from across the sea I feel helpless but there are ways we can all help. The fact that it was hottest year and driest year in Australian history is a major catalyst for this disaster. The warming of the earth and the current imbalance of nature due to human activity is the underlying issue here. We’ve seen far too many extreme natural disasters in such a short period of time to be able to prove otherwise. Climate change is real & we must DEMAND world leaders who prioritize the earth over economics. Scott Morrison I’m looking at you right now! Please respect nature. Especially the nature under your watch. Putting a donation link in my bio & story today.

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Chris and Liam Hemsworth, who also call Australia home, shared that their family has generously donated one million dollars to support the fight against the brushfires. Check out this link from Chris' Instagram for a ton of donation options—like he said, every penny counts!

Camila Cabello is thinking about the safety of the children affected by the fires, and tweeted the Australian chapter of the Save the Children Foundation.  

How do the fires in Australia make you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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by Jacqueline F. | 1/8/2020