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Ditchin' Diets

According to The Week magazine, teens gotta learn to ditch demanding diets to successfully shape up. They reported that a study at the University of Minnesota showed that parents naggin' their teens to lay off the sweets may actually do more harm than good.

People are bound to cheat on too-tough diets (so skip ‘em) and feel guilty after dipping into the cookie jar too often. And turns out that the pressure from Mom and Dad often makes teens turn to emotional eating, starvation and binging to shed weight—all of which are huge healthy no-no's!

The best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to eat good-for-ya fruits ‘n’ veggies and get moving as a fam. So after din-din, pass on the dessert and TV marathon and hit the ground running with exercise you can all do together, such as family kickball, rents vs. kids! Once you get into a routine of eatin' right and stayin' active, all those healthy habits are sure to stick with ya and last even into adulthood for a trim you at every age.

By: Aubrey Tippett

by GL | 2/1/2016