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Ditch those flips?

Ahh, summer! Time for tank tops and flip-flops right? Wrong! According to an article from USA Today, constantly sportin’ flip-flops is a no-no for healthy feet. A recent study showed that strolling everywhere in your flips is sure to throw off your groove, forcin’ ya to take smaller steps. Since you’re literally kept on your toes when wearing flip-flops, the weight of you bod isn’t spread out evenly over your feet, which could make ya feel some pain in your feet, legs and back. 

Sure, flip-flops are cool for the pool, but not as an everyday shoe. Just like prancing around all day in your wedges or stilettos will give you foot grief, so will shufflin’ ‘round in flops 24/7. So, try to wear them for only a couple of hours out of the day. If you’re going walking, grab a pair of walking shoes with a one to two inch sole to give your legs the proper support they need.

Also, when you do toss on flip-flops, don’t wear your fave pair from 2 summers ago. Researchers recommend replacing your flips every time your replace your running shoes—about every 4 months. Not only will you feel better for boostin‘ your bod, but struttin’ your stuff with long, confident strides will show everyone what kind of gutsy girl you really are.

by Aubrey Tippett | 2/1/2016