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Daily Doses

After years of totin’ a water bottle with ya 24/7, you can finally stop trying to chug 8 glasses of H20 a day. reported a study that shows you prolly get most of the water you need just from the foods you eat (think: soups, fruits and veggies) and the other beverages you drink throughout the day, like that major iced tea you had to cool off this afternoon.
So what ‘bout all those rumors that claim daily doses of water will give ya great skin, cure headaches and refresh your internals? The New York Times reported that there is no scientific evidence to prove that any of those benefits actually exist. And while sippin’ 8 ice cold glasses a day will prolly help fill you up, it’s not gonna help you drop the pounds either.
But if you are a sporty chick looking for a way to re-hydrate your bod after an intense workout, definitely sip some kind of bev to boost what ya lost as you were sweatin’ it up on the field or in the gym.

by Aubrey Tippett | 2/1/2016