Actress Madison Skye Validum spills four fast (and festive!) facts about her new holiday movies

It's the most wonderful time of the year...aka time to meet your snowy szn soulmate: actress Madison Skye Validum. At only age 10, she's starring in not one, but *two* exciting family flicks this holiday season: Best Christmas Ever on Netflix and Dashing Through the Snow on Disney+ (both streaming rn). Read on for four fast facts about her tried-and-true holiday traditions—plus her BTS secrets from set.

1. Christmas is her fave holiday. 

Okay, this one's no surprise coming from the (un)official princess of Xmas. Madison hearts making wish lists with her friends, showing off her holly jolly decorations and baking sugar cookies (the best!). But Madison recognizes the deeper meaning behind all the cheer, too. "My family and I—we spend quality time together to celebrate and show gratitude for the things we have," she says.

As for her no. 1 holiday flick, Madison's answer—like any true Christmas lover—is always changing: "Right now, it's probably these two movies I'm in! But before that, I think probably Home Alone."

2. She always has a blast on set. 

For Madison, nervous butterflies are kind of a thing of the past, thanks to everything she's picked up working on movie sets. "I've learned from my costars that they never really take things too seriously. They just have fun." Want more proof of Madison's unstoppable confidence as an actress? Peep the vid of her slaying her rehearsal below. 

You'd have to be pretty brave to do what Madison does everyday: she even revealed she had to crowd-surf for one of her scenes in Dashing Through the Snow. "It was interesting to film," she laughs. "It was the first time I'd ever crowd-surfed in my life, so that's pretty cool." We can't help but agree! 

3. She's a major animal lover. 

Aside from thriving on the silver screen, Madison's got big aspirations to make a lasting difference in the world around her. Her longtime dream is to someday have her very own animal rescue. "I've always wanted to start an animal shelter, and help animals by being a veterinarian," she says.

What inspires Madison? Her adorbs pets, ofc. "I've always had a special spot in my heart for animals—and I *love* my cat Sasha!" 

4. She's going to keep chasing her dreams—no matter what. 

With tons of experience under her belt and the brightest future ahead of her (whether it's shining onscreen or caring for girl's best friend or something else!), Madison keeps a positive attitude to make sure she stays dedicated to what she loves. What's more, she wants to use her platform to encourage other girls to do the same.

"One word of advice? Never give up on what you like, never give up on your dreams," she says. "I'm so excited to see what the world has for me next."

In a holiday mood? Stream Best Christmas Ever and Dashing Through the Snow!

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Photo credit: Katie Parker


by Katherine Hammer and Madelon Basil | 12/6/2023