Sabrina Carpenter just released a holiday EP

Dear SC,

We've been listening to "Santa Tell Me" by Ariana Grande and "Christmas Tree Farm" by Taylor Swift endlessly each December, and while we *love* those holiday bops, we think we're in need of a refresh. This Christmas, can you put some new holiday pop songs under the tree? 

The SC we're asking isn't the jolly dude from the North Pole. It's none other than Sabrina Carpenter...and our Christmas wishes came true! She just dropped her holiday EP fruitcake, and we're already in love. 

The aesthetic 

Leave it to Sabrina Carpenter to perfect an aesthetic. From the EP visuals to the on-trend merch (you can shop here!), Sabrina is giving us the girly Christmas inspo we need this year. The whole look of fruitcake is classic and maybe even a little nostalgic. It's reminiscent of warm, homey holidays with a cute-slash-dainty-slash-feminine spin. In other words: cozy with a touch of Carpenter. 

The ranking

1. "A Nonsense Christmas"

Okay, so this one may not be a *brand* new release, but the clever lyrics still earn it the top spot in our ranking. We may not know the ingredients to Sabrina's fruitcake recipe, but if it needs sugar and spice, this song has sweetness and sass. 

2. "cindy lou who"

This song, however, is the complete opposite. ('Tis the heartbreak season!) This was completely unexpected for a holiday EP: It's jealous, lovelorn, tender, crestfallen... what?! Sabrina *totally* took us by surprise by singing about the holiday blues, and that makes it a real standout. 

We have to add, "The boy who I loved is now in love with you" is one of the best lyrics of the year—and from a holiday EP?! Major sleigh, Sabrina. 

3. "santa doesn't know you like i do"

This song is just what it is to be crushing on someone at Christmastime. It also kind of has a little bit of a throwback pop sound, which makes it the perfect dancing (or rocking) around the Christmas tree song. 

4. "buy me presents"

This is a go-to cheery Christmas carol. But it has the cheekiness that we've come to expect from (and love about) Sabrina Carpenter. 

5. "white xmas"

Did you love Sabrina's cover of "I Knew You Were Trouble"? This one's for you. If you've been keeping up with all the covers Sabrina's been doing throughout her touring schedule, you know you can count on her for a stellar cover, always. This is no exception, ofc. 

6. "is it new years yet?"

Let's talk about those holiday struggles. Sabrina brings up some very truthful ones in this song, including "fruitcake just makes me sick." Well, if we're talking about fruitcake the EP, we'd have to go with *lovesick.* All these tunes are getting added to the Christmas playlist immediately. 

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Top image and slider image: @sabrinacarpenter


by Kayla Conroy | 11/17/2023