EXCLUSIVE! Danielle Jalade does way too much (in the best way)

The star of the new Disney+ series Saturdays is bringing all the extra—and we're *so* on board with it.

Danielle Jalade is unapologetically extra. Whether it's her over-the-top TikToks ("sometimes my friends are like 'it's a little bit too much,' but I'm gonna do it anyway") or her shining self-confidence ("I love myself a lot. I think that's so important"), Danielle doesn't hide her truth. And now, the 15-year-old actress has met her onscreen match in her character Paris in Saturdays on Disney+.

The series (created by the amazing Marsai Martin) follows Paris and her skate crew, We-B-Girlz, as they hone their skills at a thoroughly '90s-tastic, old-school roller rink. And while Danielle may not be part of a skating squad IRL, she can seriously relate to Paris' personality. 

"She has a big heart and big ideas. Everything she does is grand," says Danielle, admitting that the people who know her best would probably describe her in a similar way. Well, except for one difference: "I think I can read a room a little bit better," says Danielle.

Danielle (who had roles in Black Widow and Yes Day prior to Saturdays) is proud of her part in the series—especially its representation of Black families. "I love that it's really positive, which is not always the case," says Danielle. "The show represents a lot of stuff from Black culture. I love that people are going to be able to see that."

Another reason that Danielle's loving life on the Saturdays set? She gets to act alongside her BFF, Peyton Z Basnight, who plays Ari. "She's amazing. I loved being with her," says Danielle. "We're both foodies, so we tried lots of restaurants in Chicago [where the show films]. We talk all the time."

Danielle's "too much-ness" includes her decidedly extra TikToks, where she lets her inner Leo shine. "I'm a natural director. When I'm making TikToks with my friends I'm always like, 'OK, I'm gonna jump on your back, you're gonna spin me around on the floor,' and they're like, 'Danielle, it's enough!'"

Whether her TikToks get all the hearts or not, Danielle's just going to keep being Danielle. "You gotta love yourself before you love anyone else," she says. "And if no one else is gonna love you, at least you've got your own back."

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by Kayleigh Roberts | 3/24/2023