EXCLUSIVE! Santiago of the Seas actress Alyssa Cheatham is taking the world by storm

At just 13 years old, actress and singer Alyssa Cheatham is already making a major name for herself. And whether you recognize her from the big screen (she's been in 11 movies) or from her Stars Who Brunch platform, this superstar singer (and voice of Lorelai in Nickelodeon's Santiago of the Seas) is ready to rock the entertainment industry. Scroll to learn all about her current projects, future goals and favorite advice.

Girls' Life: So, what's it like being a voice actress on Santiago of the Seas
Alyssa Cheatham: Amazing. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to be Lorelai. The songs are really catchy, and I even find myself singing them like a week or two after a recording session. It's an Emmy-nominated show, and actually getting to go to the Emmys was an amazing experience. There was even a purple carpet!

GL: How would you say that you're similar to Lorelai, your character on the show?
Alyssa: She's really brave and adventurous, which I can relate to—I love trying new things. But we're actually pretty different too. Lorelai can speak to animals and understand what they're saying, and I'm scared of them. She also speaks every language in the world, which is so cool. I only speak English, but I did start some Mandarin lessons recently. I'm not great at it yet.

GL: Practice makes perfect. And speaking of practice, tell us all about your newest song, "Do It Big."
Alyssa: This song is really about empowering yourself. You know, following your dreams and never giving up no matter what anyone says. I feel like the lyrics that I relate to the most are in the first part of the chorus. "I'm gonna do it big 'cuz I ain't going home. / If you ain't on my team, I'mma do it alone." Even if you don't have the support you feel like you need, just keep on pushing. 

GL: Let's talk upcoming music. Do you have anything you're currently working on?
Alyssa: I like to write my music based off how I feel and experiences that I've had. I'm about to end middle school, so it would be great to have a song about what it's like. You know, those middle school experiences. There's gossiping, there's drama, there's rumors and crushes. Definitely expect some songs about that.

GL: We will. If you could share any piece of advice with our readers, what would it be?
Alyssa: Never let rejection stop you. If you're confident and you feel like, you know, this is what you want to do, it's just really important to keep going. Some things might not happen right away, but there's always a time—if you try your hardest. It's good to be willing to make sacrifices. Just know that everything you feel is worth having does come with a lot of sacrifice and hard work.

Fast facts about Alyssa:
⭐ Her number one travel destination? "Bora Bora."
⭐ Alyssa shares that she'd love to join a volleyball team or try running track.
⭐ Her next big dream is to star in an action film and do her own stunts.

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by Lena Genovese | 1/31/2023