Happy 18th Birthday, Olivia Rodrigo!

Happy 18th birthday to the queen of debut singles and driving through the suburbs, Olivia Rodrigo!

To celebrate, let's take a trip down memory lane of some of the coolest stuff she's done over the past year.

1. When she gave us the *ultimate* "drivers license" sneak peek

Simply put, this video was the tip of the majestic, musical iceberg that was "drivers license".

2. When she reminded us that HSMTMTS was one year old *already*

Can season two come faster? Asking for a friend. 

3. When she performed on Good Morning America (!!!)

Looking and singing like an absolute angel.

4. When she released the gorgeous "All I Want" music video

Can someone send us the link to that dress? Maybe in, like, a pastel blue?

5. *And* when "All I Want" went gold

We couldn't be more proud.

6. And when she shared this all-too-important message

So true, Olivia. So true.

7. When she got her driver's license

Who knew what was going to come from this? (Also, that caption? *Such* an Easter egg.)

8. When she was a total Swiftie

Tbh, we'd have the same reaction.

9. And a total Swiftie again...

10. And one last time

11. When she was on the TIME100 NEXT 2021 List

Icon moves *only*.

12. When we *finally* got a fandom name

All hail Olivia and her Livies!

13. When she announced the song-to-cry-in-your-car-to to end all songs-to-cry-in-your-car-to: "drivers license"

That album cover just screams lyrical genius.

14. And who can forget the *iconic* "drivers license" music video?

Reeeeddddd lights, stooooppp signs.

15. When she hit #1 on the Apple Music charts 

If you rearrange the letters in "Olivia Rodrigo," you get "worldwide superstar," right? 

16. And when she was #1 on the Billboard charts for not one, not two, but *five* weeks

And she's *still* at the very top.

17. When she broke the record for biggest single-day steams in Spotify history

80+ million for a debut single? She's on top of the world.

18. And finally, when she gave us this extremely adorable reaction to hearing her song on the radio for the first time

Repeat after us: We couldn't be prouder of you, Olivia! (And eat a Lofthouse cookie to celebrate.)

Slider image: @oliviarodrigo | All GIFs via GIPHY

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by Serena Sherwood | 2/20/2021