Meet Triple Charm—the Instagram Reels stars (and IRL sisters) you *need* to know

We can't get enough of Triple Charm. We love watching this fabulous sister trio dance it out on Instagram Reels (with over 40M views so far!), so we *had* to catch up with Amalia, Raena and Gabriella about their fierce moves, working together as a fam and how to make your dreams come true and live your best life on social media.

On Insta Reels:

Triple Charm: “Instagram has always been the main platform we use to engage with our audience, whether it was posting dance videos, behind the scenes or new music. So when we saw Reels was launching, we knew it would be the perfect opportunity to create even more content on our main platform. Since the launch of Reels we’ve been able to grow our audience on a larger scale then we could’ve ever imagined! Not only do we love how Reels is giving all creators the opportunity to grow, but we also love how Instagram is taking action to create a better and more positive environment.”

On working together as sisters:

Amalia: "It's honestly amazing. It's so much fun and a huge advantage too—we're able to give it to each other straight, no hard feelings, but it's always coming from a place of love. And living with each other, we're always able to create content and come up with something." 

On what each girl brings to the group:

Gabriella: "I feel like Amalia is definitely the choreographer."

Raena: "Yes, Amalia does a lot of the choreography for our Reels, and I do a lot of the editing."

Amalia: "Raena is super detail-oriented. So sometimes we'll have text on our Reels and she does that."

Gabriella: "Or emoji memory games!"

Amalia: "Gabriella is just a ball of light. She's so much fun."

Raena: "She keeps it all fun and lighthearted."

On social media tips: 

Raena: "Definitely film in the app. That's what we've been doing from the beginning, just filming with the Instagram Reels camera and making original content for Reels."

Gabriella: "And definitely comment on your videos."

Amalia: "Yeah, replying to comments is huge. Another tip I'd say is to use the sounds available on Instagram. They have lots of trending sounds and songs that can help for inspiration." 

On fashion: 

Amalia: "We love it when we're coordinated for our videos. It just adds a polished touch and makes us feel really put together. So we always try to keep that in mind, whether it's our outfit colors or our accessories and jewelry. Personally I'm really into puffer jackets and biker shorts—that whole look is super cute."

Raena: "Definitely we try to keep it comfortable. It's that mix between streetwear and cool. I really like sunglasses because they can tie a whole look together."

Gabriella: "And I love tie-dye stuff. It's so pretty and awesome." 

On advice for GL girls:

Raena: "Our motto is, 'Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.' So that's what we live by. Go after your dreams, set goals and do what you love." 

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Image: Joaquin Brignoni / Secret Key Entertainment. Kathleen O'Neill contributed reporting.

by Katherine Hammer | 1/20/2021