YDE is breaking *every* mold with her brand-new single

Image by Kristin Gallegos.

Every generation needs someone to be honest, speak up and break out of the mold. YDE is doing *just* that. 

The Australia-born and half-Filipino singer, songwriter and actress debuted her new single *and* her new style. She began her career by starring in a number of Netflix and Nickelodeon series, and received a Kids' Choice Awards nomination for "Favorite Female TV Star."

At the same time, she created music and explored her individuality. In 2019, YDE signed to a record label with a popular songwriter for quite a few famous artists (like Justin Bieber, Halsey and Selena Gomez). After casually crafting her music and herself, YDE is back and better than ever.

With bold honesty, perspective and a rockstar spirit, YDE gave Girls' Life a look into the inspiration for her debut single, "Stopped Buying Diamonds."

GL: What is the inspiration behind the song "Stopped Buying Diamonds"?

YDE: The song is my response to an article that blamed Gen. Z for ruining the economy. Evidently we weren't working hard enough or spending enough.

Looking around at my own life, and that of my peers, I saw many of us working really hard, but with perhaps a different goal than just being able to spend, spend, spend. Beyond that, our generation has inherited the consequences of previous generations' not-so-great decisions. As a result, I was inspired to express the pressures of being expected to live up to the social and economic constructs of previous generations. The music video epitomized the pressure in the chicest way that came to mind. 

GL: What influences your sound and style?

YDE: My life, our lives, our world inspires my sound. The highs, the lows, the simple complexities and the unique conformities that we all easily struggle with by day, by month and by year. I strive to capture the richness of those experiences with music.

GL: Your fave moments in the single and music vid?

YDE: I've been raised to respect the power of words and that there is almost always a more creative way to express emotions than through curse words. That being said, the second verse deliberately contains strong language which, laced with a splash of irony, is beyond satisfying. My favorite moment in the music video is definitely the guitar solo. 

GL: What do you hope people experience when they listen to your new song?

YDE: I hope people are inspired to hold conversations about the state of the world, their surroundings, societal constructs or whatever they're feeling. 

GL: What's your advice for girls looking to find their confidence + style in who they are?

YDE: Stop looking and start expressing. Our only choice is to be ourselves. Everyone else is taken. Figuring out who we are is a perpetual journey so embrace it in each moment. Expressing ourselves is a gift to the world. Not everyone may appreciate that gift, but that doesn't make it any less of one. 

Single artwork created by Rachel O'Donnell.

Parts of this interview were edited and condensed for clarity. 


by Katherine Hammer and Allie Lijewski | 10/28/2020