Sky Katz on her new song Crushin', finding confidence and how she's spending her social distancing time

We can't get enough of Sky Katz and her new song Crushin'—so we chatted with her to get deep on the lyrics that inspire her, never-before-heard BTS moments from the recording studio and *so* much more.

The 15-year-old Raven's Home star and hip-hop artist talked with GL all about how she got her start, how she stays focused and what's up next...

Girls' Life: What inspired the song Crushin'? 

Sky Katz: It's a love song that's about prioritizing what's important to you. It's super personal to me, because it's about prioritizing what I value—my career or boys. I wanted to drop it on Valentine's Day, but that was too close to when we recorded, so it dropped in March. I think Crushin' is a little more modern than my past music—it's more similar to the music I'm listening to right now. 

GL: Which lyrics connect to you most?

Sky: In the song (and IRL), I definitely choose my career. I say, I like you, but I don't really got time, though. As a teenager, I feel like certain things come and go, but others last longer as you are building your future and molding your life. It's important to understand which things are temporary and which will last for a while. Teenagers these days are so busy, between school, family and just managing yourself, and then a crush comes in and occupies so much of your mind. I think everyone struggles knowing how to handle that and what to prioritize.

GL: Take us inside the recording studio. 

Sky: I was in the room with the producer and the girl I write with, and the producer played us a bunch of beats to choose from and write over. As soon as he played [what would become] Crushin', we knew that it was the one. Like, this is fire, this has to be it. 

We're thinking, what type of vibe does this beat give us, what should the song be about? Then I'm like, "I've wanted to do this for a while, but I don't know how to go about it...can this be about a boy or something?" The two of us just ended up giving it a shot, and boom, Crushin'. 

When we started recording, I FaceTimed this boy I liked at the moment. I didn't even tell him we were recording. I'm like hey, he's like hey. He's like where are you, I said in the studio. We actually ended up putting our conversation in the song. It was perfect, because that was the most authentic thing ever. I've never told anyone that. 

GL: How'd you get to where you are now?

Sky: Back when I was 10 or 11, I sent a tape to America's Got Talent—without even telling my parents. Then, my dad got a call from one of the show's producers, without even knowing who it was, and they wanted me to audition.

After AGT, I wanted to start acting. I did a few auditions before Raven's Home came along, and that was the first big role I booked. There was definitely a little pressure, considering that it was my first acting job and everyone else on the show had been acting their whole lives. I worked really, really hard to be at that Disney Channel level and rise to those high expectations for my acting. 

GL: How do you stay focused?

Sky: I have so many passions—music, acting, basketball. I love spending time with family and friends. I'm lucky to have amazing parents who help me make time for everything I love. They're super supportive and a big part of making sure I don't get overwhelmed. Work is like my whole life, and I love it so much, but when I'm with my people I can just kick back and get lost in the moment.

GL: What keeps you feeling confident?

Sky: I stay true to myself. Don't try to be anyone you're not—it'll feel fake to you, and to the people around you, too. Be you and find people who love you for you.

GL: Who's your dream collab? 

Sky: DaniLeigh. I feel like we'd make a crazy song. And I'd definitely want to meet J. Cole. 

GL: Now that you can't go out, how are you spending your social distancing time?

Sky: Staying home. Mostly doing school, playing with my dogs, making TikToks and videos for social media. Every night, actually, my family has a theme for our night. Last night, we all had to dress as another family member, and the night before was a decades challenge. Staying productive, but I'm so ready to leave the house when we are able to again! 

GL: Finally, what are your plans for the future?

Sky: More music, more movies and TV shows. Basically, just keep doing more of what I'm doing.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.

Images: @treeboy_pictures 


by Katherine Hammer | 3/25/2020