9 best celeb bestie duos of all time

There's no dynamic duo quite like you and your bestie—that's what makes you two amaze. But we've rounded up the top 10 celeb partners-in-crime of all time! These #bestievibes are sure to brighten your day.

1. Johnny Orlando & Mackenzie Ziegler

How adorbs are Johnny and Kenzie?! When they're not touring or making amazing music together (have you *seen* their "What If" vid???), they're hanging out and joking around just like the rest of us! 

2. Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez

Tay and Selena may be pop princesses, but they're also some of the most relatable ladies out there. No matter what happens, they always show up for each other, and we love that so much. 

3. Lili Reinhart & Cami Mendes

Lili and Cami are not only partners-in-crime on-screen, but they're friends IRL too! (Cami is literally the Veronica to Lily's Betty, lol.) Did you know they're also roomies? They constantly support each other's careers and build the each other up, and that's what girl power is all about.



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4. Kendall Vertes & Chloe Lukasiak

These two have been dancing together for practically their entire lives.  K + C have been inseparable for ages: they go on tour together, make YouTube videos together and are *always* in each other's Insta comments hyping one another up. #Goals!


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5. Sofia Carson & Dove Cameron

There's no doubt about it: Dove and Sofia are the ultimate Disney darlings. The giggling girls have been close ever since they started the first Descendants flick together. They're also tight with the rest of the cast from the series, so it's like one big party all of the time.

6. Alisha Marie & Mia Stammer

These two YouTube sensations share their lives on the web—and with each other! The video gurus share their travels together (um, jealous much?) and their everyday shopping trips to Target. Catching up with them online gives their fans a real sense for who they are and, TBH, they seem like #thetwobestfriendsthatanyonecouldhave.

7. Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox

Jennifer and Courtney played TV besties Rachel and Monica on Friends. Even though the show has been over for years, the women are still close friends, celebrating events like birthdays and National Best Friends Day together just like old times. So sweet!

8. Laurie Hernandez & Simone Biles

It's no secret that these two are #athletegoals—but they're also #friendshipgoals! You're bound to be bonded after spending oodles of time training together, traveling the world side-by-side and, of course, competing in the Omympics with one another. No doubt, these two are tighter than tight.


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9. Yara Shahidi & Rowan Blanchard

These lovely ladies are both talented acrtresses and inspiring activists in their own rights, and together they're pm unstoppable. And even though they're #superfamous, they still do regular teenage things together like go to prom. That's some true bestie love. 

Which famous bestie duo do you and  *your* BFF take major inspo from? Sound off in the comments!


by Aly Prouty | 6/30/2018
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