Fall’s Funky Florals

This fall, bold buds are taking a walk on the wild side. Our fave autumn accessories are a bouquet of funky flower-power pieces. From ginormous rings to garden-variety leggings, our picks are sure to add pizzazz to all of your school threads. Pluck these pretties for less than $25!
This sprawling ring is fit for a queen. Gotta love that it spans two fingers—how majestic!
Poppies mighta made Dorothy snooze, but they get us pumped. Floral headbands are such a fall fave. The hot color cranks up any outfit.
Pert Poppies Headband, $20,
 Give peace a chance with a Woodstock-inspired wallet. Holds all your green and that pesky student I.D. Too cute to toss in your tote.
Groovy Flower Canvas Wallet, $10,

Charmed, darling. This glitzy bracelet’s got a little bit of everything: oversized petals, pretty pearls and a lucky ladybug. Sounds like the making of a signature piece—wear it with everything.
Retro alert! Bitty buds go mod on black ‘n’ white earrings. Great for girls who aren’t into super-pink stuff or if ya l-o-v-e polka dots.
 Artsy leggings made a major appearance on the runway this fall. They make shorts season last a little longer or add a splash or color to a plain skirt and tee combo. Totally crush-worthy with booties.
Ditsy Floral Footless Tight, $18,
-Katie Abbondanza


8/23/2009 7:00:00 AM