The Gossip Girl-approved guide to holiday fashion

'Tis the szn to be bundled up! Rumor has it that no one does the holidays in style like Gossip Girl, and if you ask us, their Upper East Side fashion is unbeatable when it comes to the autumn and winter wardrobes.

From *iconic* Thanksgiving dinners ("Whatcha Say," anyone?) to the Snowflake Ball, the outfits are the cherry on top of all that drama. Needless to say, Gossip Girl is a rite of passage when it comes to the holidays.

So here is your unofficial guide to a preppy cold-weather style inspired by our fave looks from the show—that's a secret we *will* tell. Spotted: you, serving a chic outfit with a side of juicy gossip. 

At the Thanksgiving table

Blair may be up to an elaborate scheme here or there, but when it comes to counting her blessings, she still does it in style.

In the first Thanksgiving episode of the series, our fave Queen B was spotted in this classy warm-toned ensemble ready to dish in some jaw-dropping Gossip Girl tips. 


If there's one thing we learned from Blair, it's to never shy away from a dress—even in the colder months. You can always opt for a chic cover-up and some bow-patterned tights (preferably fleece-lined) to match with the one and only. For the finishing touches, put on a classic pearl necklace (yes, they're back!) and some other ruby-toned jewelry for a touch of that hearty Thanksgiving hue. Xoxo! 

Holiday outings 

Whether you're out and about watching a Thanksgiving parade, seeking that one special Christmas tree or skating in your Winter Wonderland like Blair, this outfit would be perf for any holiday excursion. 

In this iconic episode, Blair graces the rink in a matching plaid poncho and skirt set. Obsessed? We sure are. 


We've said it once and we'll say it again: Layering is key. Especially if you're participating in something more active with the fam or your squad, there's always a chance you'll break a sweat having all that festive fun.

How Blair does it? A baby pink turtleneck under her poncho that perfectly complements the pink plaid skirt. Plus, her knit pom-pom beanie matches the pink pom-poms on her skates. Srsly, she took ice princess to the next level. 

Your preppy, bookish adventures 

S and B's looks are the very definition of equestrian meets scholar. And this year, we hear it's time to stay bookish in style for a studious girl szn. Whether you're crunching leaves in the city or heading to that oh-so-important family tradition, shed your everyday zip-up for some fitted plaid. 


We all know Serena and Blair do besties better than anyone, especially when they're matching their own Constance uniforms. These fitted plaid blazers are, well, everything. Especially paired with a cute matching skirt and some fall-ish boots or classy pumps (depending if you're more of an S or B), these outfits are amazing for an on-the-go smartie killing that interview or reuniting with the grandparents. Talk about versatility, right? 

Those grunge-y foggy mornings

For those laid-back chilly mornings, all we want to do is throw on a staple coat and call it a day. But, Little J wouldn't let that happen (after all, we heard she wants to go to fashion school). 

Holiday szn fashion doesn't always need to be all prep and collegiate. This year, we're bringing grunge back for a cooler, monochrome vibe.


If you're ever in need of a layering crash course, look to Jenny Humphrey. We heart how she layered a cool-toned fuzzy coat over a matching grey sweater dress. Put on some warm tights and knee-high boots, and you're all ready to go!

Once we're transitioning past stuffing and pumpkin pies, the browns and oranges are getting switched for some cool greys and icy blues. And don't forget those dark red nails and bold lips for a pop of color.  

Holiday shopping

When you're snatching those Black Friday deals and picking out gifts for your loved ones, S and B can show us how to dress festive and practical. If you ask us, holiday shopping is one of the *best* parts of the season, so why not make it a whole fashion show?


Red? A must. Whether you want to be all decked out like Serena or have a pop here and there in your accessories like Blair, red ties everything together. You can easily jazz up your go-to navy or darker outerwear with eye-catching festive colors and some white ruffles. 

What is *your* fave Gossip Girl look? Tag us in your fashionable fits on IG for a chance to get featured @girlslifemag!

Slider image: @gracefoley
Top image: @blairwalforfsworld


by Anne Chen | 11/14/2023