Prom dresses you'll love if you're an Olivia Rodrigo fan

Prom season is approaching, and that means dress shopping is upon us. But finding the perfect prom dress can be super overwhelming—so why not look for inspo from the modern style icon herself, Olivia Rodrigo?

Olivia's style effortlessly pays homage to '90s and 2000s aesthetics. Her unique and trendy aesthetic gives us all the fashion inspo we need for prom this year. That's why we rounded up some amazing dresses you'll heart, inspired by Olivia herself. 

Magical Moments lilac shimmer long dress

Magical Moments lilac shimmer long dress, $50

This lilac prom dress is giving us the same energy from Olivia Rodrigo's 2022 Met Gala look. The glittery lavender color and elegant silhouette will have you feeling confident, powerful and anything but Sour. The dress is gorgeous on its own, but don't be afraid to accessorize! Silver jewelry would slay with this gown, and if you're really trying to emulate Olivia's style, try some butterfly clips. 

Make You Shine dark purple satin mermaid maxi dress

Make You Shine dark purple satin mermaid maxi dress, $89

This maroon gown is simple yet stunning. The darker reddish-purple tone is reminiscent of the Sour era color scheme. Olivia definitely loves darker shades of red and purple, so you'll see a lot of these colors in her style. You can truly build your look around this dress––whether you want to put your hair up and add a lot of accessories or go for a more natural look and let the dress speak for itself.

Tia swiss dot corset a-line formal dress

Tia swiss dot corset a-line formal dress, $75

During the Sour era, Olivia gave a lot of looks that used black lace and played into the gothic elements of her style. This dress gives us that exact same energy. This dress proves that fashion can be bold and eye-catching without just being colorful or vibrant. If you want to take the look to the next level, go for a bold makeup look––try winged eyeliner or a vampy lipstick. Whatever you decide, don't be afraid to make a statement and step outside of your comfort zone!

Party Starter sequin wrap dress

Party Starter sequin wrap dress, $55

If you're looking for a prom dress that's fun and sure to turn heads, this 'Party Starter' dress is the one for you. It's sparkly and cute and totally reminds us of Olivia's 2022 Brit Awards look. The shimmery silver will have you feeling radiant all night. You can even try glittery eyeshadow or holographic silver nails to complete the look. You can't help but be the life of the party in this dress!

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Slider image: @oliviarodrigo 


by Mina Rahmat | 4/6/2023