7 style tips to achieve your perfect summer aesthetic


As the weather has been getting warmer, it's been increasingly difficult to find cute summer fits without sacrificing comfort (or re-wearing the same fit every day)! I mean, how can you truly express your style when it's nearly 100 degrees out and you're sweating like crazy? Keep reading for the seven *perf* style tips guaranteed to take your summer fits to a whole new level.

1. Pinterest, Pinterest and more Pinterest


If you're struggling to find summer fit inspo, use Pinterest—it's super fun and *so* inspiring! But once you have made a Pinterest board dedicated to finding picture-perfect summer fits, how do you make your board a reality? First, figure out what items keep popping up in the pins you save. Maybe it's a specific graphic tee or it's just a basic pair of white shorts! No matter the item, you can use it as a foundation for your summer shopping... as long as you think that you would *actually* wear it.

2. Focus on the basics 


The relationship between basics and the fashion industry is essentially the same as that between Taylor Swift and the music industry—basics and our queen T both "never go out of style!" Finding perfect basics for your wardrobe will ensure that you always have something to wear... even if it seems unexciting at first glance. You can then step up your outfit game with accessorizing and layering.

3. Accessories are your BFFs


Okay, so you've found your basic pieces but your outfits still don't feel interesting. Don't worry—we've got you, girl! There are *endless* ways to make a plain outfit shine, and all it takes is a little accessorizing. First, find some necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Even just a few simple pieces of jewelry can do *so* much! Next, find your go-to summer bag. Whether it's a tasteful tote, a pretty purse, a belt bag or a basic baguette bag, finding a super cute bag can make all the difference. Hair accessories are also adorable (and underrated)—my current faves are claw clips, hair scarves and bucket hats! Pro tip: you can match your accessories with your outfit for a *flawless* summer aesthetic!

4.  Find your perfect summer dress


Finding your perfect summer dress sounds simple in theory, but it's actually quite the opposite. The perfect dress needs to strike the ideal balance between comfiness, cuteness and versatility... and, of course, it has to fit! So, how do you find it? First thing's first, think about your personal preferences. Do you prefer maxi or mini dresses? Patterns or solid colors? What occasions would you wear it for? Once you've answered these quick questions, you're ready to hit the mall!!

5. Layering: it's all about thin layers


Layering during the summer is *so* important—it adds dimension and completely enhances your outfits! That's right, layering isn't strictly for the winter. There's a lot more to layering than what meets the eye! First, the key to rocking any summer fit without sweating under the summer sun is wearing thin layers. Think linen, cotton, silk and jersey—all of these fabrics are super breathable. Finally, when you're layering, try to go for pieces that you can put on and take off with ease. In my opinion, layering with a thin unbuttoned shirt is perf for the hot weather and looks super adorable!

6. Go with loose clothing


You know that summer feeling when you walk outside and it feels like every inch of your clothing is sticking to your body? Because I do... and it's not a good look! Here's the fix: when you're picking out your summer outfits, choose clothes that have some wiggle room. And when I say wiggle room, I mean barely-touching-your-body level wiggle room. Whether it be shorts, sweaters or skirts, loose clothing allows for airflow, in turn keeping you comfy and cool! 

7. Wear light colors


If you've ever learned about color in your science class, there's no better time than summer to put your knowledge to the test! If you haven't learned about color in your science class, here's the basic rundown: black clothing absorbs all wavelengths of light, which are then converted into other forms of energy, such as heat. This is why you're going to be super hot and sweaty if you wear black in the summertime. On the other hand, white clothing reflects light, keeping you cooler by limiting sun exposure. Try to wear light-colored clothes in the summertime for max-level comfort! 

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by Tori Feinstein | 7/1/2021