Mustaches are *fully* back in style!

🚨Fashion trend alert! 🚨 

We've been following alllll the spring style trends to keep you as up-to-date as possible. Our latest trend prediction? In keeping with the latest resurgence of Y2K vintage style, we can't forget the *icon* of the early 2010s. We are *so* excited that mustaches are officially back in style!

image: @Buzzfeed

Fashionistas will remember the good old days of 2012 where it didn't matter where your clothes came from...

image: @bjorkasmr long as they were absolutely *covered* in mustache print.

You did it, your BFF did it and your fave celebrity did it too—check out Zendaya's *super* cool mustache ring:

image:  @weheartit

This April, be sure to wear your mustache printed fits with pride! Got a good pic? Show us on our socials @girlslifemag!

(April Fools! Did we get you? But hey, why not bring mustaches back anyway?)


by Elina Graham | 4/1/2021