4 bold accessory trends you should *definitely* try this year


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Make this the year you step out of your fashion comfort zone. Wear those platforms that have been gathering dust in your closet. Commit to the retro aesthetic that’s been all over your FYP. Or, add a bold new accessory to your wardrobe. From a supersized version of a style staple to the world’s prettiest socks, here are four new accessory trends worth giving a try this year.

Fuzzy purses

In a sea of leather and cloth, a faux-fur bag is sure to stand out. The one in the pic is a pricey purse from Unif, but there are budget-friendly alternatives available at stores like H&M. Given the unique style of these bags, you’re probably better off looking online than in stores—though you should never rule out thrifting.

Big scrunchies


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Scrunchies: they’re retro, they do less damage to your hair and they make a basic ponytail feel special. Big scrunchies have exactly the same benefits, plus they’ll have all eyes on you(r giant scrunchie). Coordinate with your mask like the gal wearing Room Shop Vintage in the pic above, or wear one from Free People on your wrist as a bracelet.

Sheer socks


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Socks so cute, you’ll wish you had see-through shoes like the ones from @selin_shoes in the pic above. The trend is all about near-transarent socks (made from material similar to tights and stockings) with little sewn-in patterns and designs. Find bolder (& sparklier!) designs from Lirika Matoshi.

Fruit earrings

Exactly what they sound like, fruit earrings are the adorbs eco-friendly jewelry you’ve been waiting for. We love the pink citrus slices from Chlosoup pictured above. More of an orange person? Check out these bright orange-slice earrings from Toxic Glamour.

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Title Image: Instagram/Room Shop Vintage


by Bailey Bujnosek | 1/25/2021