2021 fashion forecast: The 2000s are making a comeback


*ring* *ring* Hello? Y2K is calling!

The 2000s are making their comback. Trends seem to follow a 20-year cycle, so our prediction *must* be right. We're so here for it (but not the low rise jeans!).

Y2K fashion is known for its collective style—a blend of global trends from vintage to hip hop to monochromatic futuristic fads. A lot of 90s trends made their way into the 2000s, and 2020 has already been *full* of them. 

The 2000s are already making their way onto TikTok, Insta and right into our closets. Influencers like Caroline Ricke are already rocking the Y2K lewk. If she can do it, then you can do it too!

Girls' Life has your 2021 fashion forecast, and we predict these top 2000s trends are makeup a *huge* comeback.

1. Bucket hats


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Bucket hats have been a thing, but they're getting more popular by the minute. Functional *and* cute? Yes!

2. Monochromatic tracksuits


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The 2000s were famous for their matchy-matchy velour tracksuits, and we know *exactly* why. They're the *perfect* staple for your at-home wardrobe.

3. Baby tanks and tees

We're *obsessed* with baby tanks and the cutest tees. Dress them up or dress them down—they go with absolutely everything. 

4. Leopard print

You either love it or you hate it. Leopard print is already back in style and it looks like it's here to stay!

5. Baguette bags


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Alright, every fashionista has to have a baguette bag. They're stylish, cute and come in *so* many different colors and prints. Simple, but *so* effective.

6. Baggy pants


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Comfy and cute—what more could we ask for?!

7. Denim-on-denim

In 2001, all-denim everything became iconic—Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore the ensemble on the red carpet! 2021 is here and we're ready to bring this back.

8. Candy-colored glasses


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Our Y2K queen rocks candy-colored glasses and *all* the trends. Now we can live in a candy-colored world!

9. Hair clips

Snap-clips, barrettes, mini-clips, oh my! We need them in *all* the colors. 

10. Wide-legged yoga pants

Emma Chamberlain single-handedly brought back the yoga pants trend—thank you!

11. Tank and sweater sets

Tank and sweater seats are perfect for every season—buying them now!

12. Low-rise jeans


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Alright, low-rise jeans *might* be making a comeback, and we might have to think about this one. Are you willing to go back to low rise jeans?

Which 2000s trend are you trying this year? Let us know on Insta @girlslifemag!

Slider image: Caroline Ricke


by Allie Lijewski | 12/26/2020